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Everyone ready for Valentine’s Day?

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Good morning everyone, and here we are, nearly half-way through February.

In the little country school in North Little River, where I attended school, we always looked forward to a Valentine party on Feb. 14. All the students would make valentines for each other, but each Family always bought a nice card for the teacher. It was a time when the teacher always gave out special treats and we would have a party, and we all looked forward to it.

Mary Esther Smith was among the many friends who attended the funeral of the Late Alice Reid, which was held at MacDiarmid’s Funeral Home in Oxford, recently.

The Oxford and Area Men’s Group, as well as some of the Ladies, gathered at The Shady Rest Home in South Oxford on Monday evening and sang a number of hymns for the residents, accompanied by Victor Mac Cormick on the organ. Afterwards everyone was invited to the home of Rufus and Florence Black where the Men’s Group, held their Monthly meeting.

Guest speaker for the evening was the former Marney Moore, who works for the historical society. Marney gave a very informative talk about the cemetries in Cumberland County, and she also had photos to show of the cemetries.

At the close of the evening, a delicious lunch was served by the host and her helpers. Lunch was provided by John and Shirley Fortier.

Margo Patriquin, and children, Logan and Lexie of Collingwood, and Helen Meredith of Onslow were recent supper guests with Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith and Blaine Smith of Millvale.

We seem to be getting lots of nasty weather lately. The Bible Study group from our church had planned to meet at our home for Bible study on Wednesday, but a nasty snow storm caused us to cancel our plans.

The Sunday service at the Millvale United Baptist Church in Millvale, has been cancelled for the last two Sundays, because of so much ice in the church yard.

John and Vionetta Chouinard and Mary Esther Smith of Millvale were all visitors at the home of Wendell and Margaret Reid and Wendy Reid on Wednesday evening. They dropped in and stayed for a nice visit.

Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith were visiting on Saturday evening with, Alvord and Linda Stewart. Mary Esther Smith was also calling on Norma Joyce Hurley, one day recently.

Wendy Reid and Margaret Reid had prepared for a birthday party for Wendell Reid which they had planned to hold on Saturday, but the bad weather forced us to cancel it until a later date. We have some family in Bridgewater and some in Hantsport so that is too far to travel in this kind of weather.

Well I guess that is all the news from our community for now.

Quote: “Why is it, that people who have all the answers to the teen age problems, don’t have any children?”

Margaret Reid writes a column for the Williamsdale-Collingwood area. She can be reached at 902-686-3259.

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