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Enjoy summer while it lasts

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Well, folks, here we are into summer, and I hope you are enjoying it, for all its worth. We seem to wait for summer so long, and then it is gone in a flash.

Wendy prepared supper for us on Father’s Day and she had invited a friend, Faye Henderson of Malagash, and Wayne and Karma Reid of Pugwash, and the supper was delicious. We enjoyed their visit very much.

Wendell and Margaret Reid took a nice drive down to Mansfield and Little River recently. We stopped in to visit with my sister-in-law, Muriel Dobson of Little River, who is still living in her own home. She seems to be doing quite well, and of course she is also glad to see the snow of Winter, melted away.

Wendell and Margaret Reid accompanied Wayne Reid to Amherst one day last week, to do some shopping. We also took our car to the garage for some minor repairs.

Supper guests on Sunday, with Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith and Blaine Smith were Jeanne Knol and family, Quinn, Makenna, Holly and Griffin of Oxford

Mrs. Myrna Howe of Moncton was visiting the Millvale Baptist Cemetery recently, so she stopped in to have lunch with us. Myrna was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weatherbee.

The Weatherbee family lived here in Williamsdale and attended school here, so they have been friends of ours for many years. Myrna was saying that she only has one sister left now of her family.

Bruce and Lorna Stewart, Alvord and Linda Stewart were among those who attended the meeting that was held at the Wentworth United Baptist last Tuesday evening.

Well folks, I hope everyone got out to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. We always like to go to Pugwash to see the parade.

Margaret Reid covers the Williamsdale area for the Amherst News.

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