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Dec. 23, 1948: Legion opens new hall for inspection

['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']
['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

The Springhill Branch, No. 17, of the Canadian Legion, will open their new $32,000 home on Elgin Street on Sunday December 26th for public inspection between the hours of 2-5 p.m. and 8-10 p.m.  The Branch extends a cordial invitation to the citizens to view their new home. 

The official opening of the Legion building will take place on January 1st at 7:30 p.m., when officers for the ensuing year will be installed.  There will be a musical program and short addresses. 

The building has a 40 foot. front and a depth of 60 feet.  It has a large basement and one storey and is constructed of tile with a brick front.  Above the large main entrance, a stone, donated by J.A. Tingley and Son, of Amherst, carries the following inscription:

Memorial Hall

Canadian Legion


The main auditorium is on the first floor.  It is finished with a hardwood floor, Donnaconda board with flush lighting built right into the ceiling.  The ceiling has been painted white and the walls cream and ivory.  A kitchen equipped with an electric stove, modern cupboards etc., is connected with the main floor. 

The basement has been divided into several sections.  Here offices have been prepared for the Legion’s own use and the Women’s Auxiliary.  The main space in the basement has been divided into two large rooms, one to be used as a recreation and reading room, the other as a beverage room.  There is no interlocking door between the two rooms, but each has a separate entrance.

The building is heated by a large steam plant.

Plans for the building were laid last February and the work has been progressing all summer under the direction of the ten man committee.  In charge of the finances was Douglas Johnson, President of the Legion, Gerald McCormick and Harold Osmond.  Material – Ed Nicholson, W.C. Wilson, George C. Burden.  Employment – S.E. Wood, Logan Milton and Jack Hannah. Stephen Pyke was the Secretary.

Dec. 23, 1948 - Looking Forward to Ice at the Rink

If everything goes along smoothly and the weatherman sends along sufficient frost, it is possible that ice-making in the new rink may get underway around the weekend.

Tuesday the rink surface was being levelled by the Town grader and the boards were being put into place.  When this work is completed in a day or two the task of making ice will begin. 

Work on the dressing rooms continues and all the rooms have been boarded in with the outside walls insulated to conserve heat.  Toilets and showers have been provided for and the plumber is now busy making the installations.

The big doors are now being put in place and by the weekend this work should be completed.  The electricians are busy completing the wiring.   

Has Autographed Ball

Jackie Turnbull is the proud possessor of a baseball autographed by Ted Williams, famous Red Sox slugger.  Jackie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Turnbull, has been seriously ill and the autographed ball, inscribed “to Jack in Springhill from Ted Williams” has brought him a great deal of happiness.

Hold Inquest

An inquest into the death of Oscar Harrison, who died in All Saints Hospital on Friday as a result of an accident on Saturday, December 11th when he was struck down by a truck as he started across the road at the corner of McGee and Cowans Street, was held in the Town Hall Friday afternoon.  After viewing the remains, the jury adjourned until Thursday, December 23rd at 4 o’clock.

The jury consists of the following; William McKay, Foreman; Colin Beaton, John Meekins, Frank Hunter, Roach McKay, Earl Welton, Charles Crawford, Harold Moore, John Fife, Daniel Coleman, Joseph Gullans, George Reid, all of Springhill.  Dr. F.E. Walsh is Coroner. 

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