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Country dinner a huge hit at Malagash community hall


Malagash Area Notes with Marian Durling

What a wonderful weekend we have had in our area!  The weather has been outstanding and everyone seems to be really busy. Lots of visitors and cottage owners on deck.

Saturday afternoon the museum held their annual Country Dinner at the community hall. The numbers attending were a little lower this year but still was quite successful. 

There is nothing like a Country Dinner---lots of wonderful food-from home baked beans, lasagna, casseroles too numerous and varied to name and lots of great fun and fellowship.  Lots of work for everyone but when it’s over you feel so satisfied with a job well done.  Kudos to Tammy and her committee. Great tea and coffee pourers too!  Love to see the men work!

Sunday morning was the last of the theme services at the Malagash United Church—this one was on Peace with a lovely slide show put together by Rev. Connie from pictures she had and others sent of congregation members.  Great service with some very special persons attending---Richard and Becky Wallace of Lillington, North Carolina were there.  They are staying with Fred and Valerie Skinner of Windsor and Malagash. 

Diane Dennis and Joe Kutchen of Middle Sackville, who are staying at B and B Campground were also worshiping with us.  Over the summer months we have had teatime following the service in the Church Sanctuary and it has proved to be very popular. 

We also have Muffin Sunday the last Sunday of the month during the fall, winter and spring. Usually it is held downstairs but the feeling is that it is more successful upstairs. Some of us are getting a little older and are starting to mind the stairs so hopefully it will continue upstairs. 

If you have driven by the church in the past few days then you would have seen some fairly heavy machinery there.  There has been a problem of a leak so Peter Berkelaar, Robert Dobson, Randy Weatherbee, William MacCormack and Russ Durling have been doing some work on the side of the building and hopefully our problems will soon be over.  Next big rain will be the test! 

Two very special young ladies had their 5th birthday in our neighbourhood recently.  Lola and Avery Boutin had a great celebration with both sets of Grandparents, Marg and Ray Boutin, of Vancouver, and Ian and Susan McKay at the McKay cottage.  Also celebrating with them  were their parents, Leon Boutin and Patricia McKay, big brother Finn, and step-siblings, Emily and Ben MacDonald. 

Russ and I had a delightful visit by our Son-in-law, Rev. Dr. Brent Stiller of Port Perry, Ontario.  He was on study leave and couldn’t think of a better place to spend it than Malagash. Brent got lots of reading done---and left for his cottage on the Kawathwa lakes on Saturday.  I don’t know of too many “in-laws” who want to visit without their spouse but we sure had a great time with him.  Thursday we headed to our daughter’s beautiful cottage in Portapique where the men did a little fishing—not much luck—Russ did catch a couple-between 12 and 17 inches long but a keeper has to be 27 inches long so back they went.  It’s amazing to go to the little country store in Bass River and see the pictures of the “Ones that didn’t get away”!  They are awesome.  Amazing the sizes of them The tide comes in very quickly in this area-in fact, according to information we received at the store, the tide can come in a foot per minute,  Our grandson learned about this the hard way-left his phone in his shoes on the beach and when he realized what was happening, his phone was floating.  If you know anything about cell phones, they do not like salt water. Oh well, I think he wanted a new one anyway! 

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Donna Sparkes, the co-owner of Jost Winery was dropping hints about a great event happening on Sept. 19th. Well the word is out now.  We were at the Winery one day last week for lunch when we spotted Bruce Guthro and Donna with their heads together.  Now we know the read for that!  On Saturday, September 19th, the Maritime Stomp Festival will be held at the Winery.  Over the years there has been a Grape Stomp in September but this year there is something different. There is a fantastic line up of performers coming to our area on the 19th---J.P. Cormier,Lenny Gallant, Bruce Guthro, Heather Rankin, Andrew Doyle Band and the Celtic Trio to name a few.  This event is by ticket and will run from noon to 8 p.m. I am sure there will more information coming out but it sure sounds great.  You might say that after the wonderful Concert we had in the church last Saturday, that Malagash is getting a name for itself in the entertainment world. 

Once again our community has been saddened with the loss of a well known resident. Robert “Bud” MacNeill passed away on Aug. 26 following a courageous battle with cancer.  Bud was married to the former Annie Smith and both of them were very active in our Community and Church. Bud was a great storyteller and loved having company.  He was a former employee of the Malagash and Pugwash Salt Mines as well as a fisherman, farmer and Jack of all Trades. Besides his wife, Annie he is survived by his two sons Shane and Garnet and daughters, Darlene and Shelley.  Our sincere sympathy goes out to Annie and all the members of his family.  Prayers and thoughts go out to the MacNab family as Don continues his struggle in the Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital in Tastamagouche.

However there is some good news on the home front, Michelle Langille, has given birth to a son, Gavin Lawson.Congratulations to Michelle and her partner Andre.  Michelle is the grand-daughter of the late Lawson and Shirley Smith, of Malagash.  She lived with Lawson and Shirley for some time and boarded her horses in their barn. 

It seems strange that school is starting on Wednesday and the school buses will be on the roads again—remember, we must stop when the red lights are flashing. Have to watch out for those little ones.  I am sure there will be some tears from Moms and Dads when their baby climbs on the school bus for the first time.  Good luck to all the kids—a wonderful time of your life!  Once again drive defensively—and watch the deer—one ran out in front of us on our way to Church at 8:45 a.m. Sunday. You never know when they are going to turn up.  Have a good week everyone and hopefully will be in touch with you next week.


Marian Durling is the Malagash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record.


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