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Continuing acts of kindness because Becca said so

Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson
Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson

Pugwash News with Mary Patterson

Sympathy goes out to John Matheson, children and all family members on the recent passing of wife and mother, Nancy, Meaford, Ont.

A private family burial will take place in Waugh Cemetery, Gulf Shore at a later date.

This is the area where John grew up and he, Nancy and children visited their cottage there many times over the years.

Condolences also to Tony King and son, Cory, of Ontario, as well as Ricky King and family, Amherst, on the passing of their father, grandfather and brother, Charles (Brud) King, at NCMH, Pugwash, on Feb. 24, after a lengthy illness.

I am sure everyone heard of the passing of Becca Schofield, Riverview, N.B.., on Feb. 17, after her long battle with cancer. She was only 18 years old, but she changed so many lives with her #BeccaToldMeTo motto for everyone to be kind to each other.

Along with keeping my outside light on, in her memory, she motivated me to spread some unexpected kindness. For example, while driving through McDonald's in Truro on Friday, I paid for the order in the car behind us.

Daughter Denise was watching in the side mirror when the lady was told that her order was paid for, and she was wildly waving her arm out the window.

Kindness comes in all ways; even a smile, a warm hug, holding a door open for someone behind you, can mean the world to some people.

So folks, pass it on and say "Becka Told Me To."

Sincere sympathy goes out to the Schofield family on their great loss.

In keeping with doing good deeds that do not cost anything, same day Denise and I were in Walmart, and an older gent dropped a Toonie on the floor.

After several attempts, he just could not pick it up. Denise told him she had good fingernails so she retrieved it for him and received a million-dollar smile.

In the parking lot of another store, we met up with Dana and Kevin. At the same time, they noticed an older lady, whose car would not start.

The three approached her and asked her to open the hood. Bless her, she did know how, so Denise popped the hood, Dana and Kev had booster cables, then we waited for a vehicle to pull out so Denise could get my van in close to hers, her car started and a very relieved lady drove off.

On Feb. 16, Ethel Newcombe, Port Howe, hosted a get-together to help her brother, Burton Ripley, celebrate his 80th birthday with family and friends. On Saturday, the 17th, son, Rocky and family, held another party to honour him. I understand that music was enjoyed at both places.

Birthday greetings go out this week to James Trenholm, Halifax; Darren MacKay, Amherst; Gary Bickerton, Stanley; Gordon Myers, Londonderry; Emily Kelly Demings, Natalie Cody, and Helen Reno, Pugwash; and last but not least to my former neighbour, Rollie Lockhart, Amherst, when he turns 95 years young on March 3.

Callers with Mary Doyle this week include niece Lilly and Dave DeYoung, Linancy; Shirley and John Fortier, Riverview; Paul Fahey, Port Howe; David Casey, Beckwith; and Peggy Wentzell, Pugwash.

On Feb. 21, with the temperature reaching +12.7 degrees for a spell in the afternoon, meant I was able to open a window and let some fresh air in. Hard to believe our weather for this time of year.

On Thursday, Shirley White and Carol Thompson attended the funeral of the late Mildred Moss, Springhill; on Friday Shirley accompanied Barry and Ronalda Smith to Halifax on business, and they later enjoyed a meal at Ronaldo's Restaurant; on Saturday, Shirley, along with Faye and Stan Moore, Conns Mills, enjoyed a meal at McMahon's Restaurant, Wallace, to help Faye celebrate her birthday.

On Friday and Saturday, my gang and a few friends gave Dana and Kevin a hand in their move from Hubbards to their new abode in Murray Siding. I did what I could by giving a hand in making sure everyone had something to eat. Many hands make light work - not that moving is a light job - but it was all done with lots of hard work and a lot of laughs, as well as sore joints and aches and pains on Sunday.

No winners this week for the Amherst Ramblers draw on Tuesday nor the Pugwash Co-Op Toonie draw on Sunday. But guess who won the Firemen's 50/50 draw on Wednesday evening? None other but yours truly. Was I surprised and pleased? Yes I was. Brent Wilson from PVFD even delivered the cheque to me at home. Only in Pugwash. Thank you PVFD. May you all be richly blessed for your volunteer service to our community. Greatly appreciated.

Please remember all our sick and shut-in friends and neighbours in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Thought for the week: “Believe you can and you're halfway there.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Mary Patterson is the columnist for the Pugwash area.

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