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Community garden ready for seed planting


AMHERST - Seeds will be ready to plant in the Town of Amherst's first community garden next week, says Lisa Emery, chair of the Amherst Community Garden Project committee.

"The community garden has been plowed, tilled and will be ready for planting next week," Emery said. "From there, we'll build some raised beds, which will particularly help seniors and others that can't bend, as well as anyone in wheelchairs." Last fall, the donated piece of land at the end of Veno Ave., had at least one acre cleared for use. Since then, an area on West Victoria Street has been offered, and John Bragg has offered use of his land next to the piece already cleared. "The land that had been cleared had some big rocks and foundation cement on it, and we were worried about the equipment when it was to be plowed, but we have since found out that it's possible to plow," said Emery, noting the committee made a firm commitment then to continue with that land. The owner of the land on West Victoria Street, Charlotte Ferguson, said anyone wanting to do garden rows instead of a raised garden was more than welcome to use that land, says Emery. "It's in a good location to the seniors homes and the high school, and is right across from Dickey Park, which is going to be community-minded," Emery added. Of the roughly three dozen plots that are expected to be made, Emery says about half will be used by community groups to grow food for places such as Maggie's Place and the Amherst Food Assistance Network. "And residents can have their own plots as well," she said. "We aren't charging rent or anything like that, but a donation to the Poverty Action Committee would be nice." The committee is seeking donations from residents and businesses, and have a list of items they need, including a variety of building materials, gardening equipment and garden plants and soil. Anyone interested in donating to the project or a plot inside the community garden can contact Emery at 667-1424.

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