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Class of '07 graduates from Parrsboro Regional High School


PARRSBORO Tears were wiped, laughter shared and numerous diplomas and awards handed out as Parrsboro Regional High School bid farewell to another group of graduates on June 28.

We have left our mark on the school in so many different ways, some good and some bad, said valedictorian Amy McCallum. After we leave this school, I hope that everything from this day forward becomes all that you ever dreamed it would be. With determination and hard work you can achieve anything no matter how big or small it might be.

On behalf of her fellow graduates, Amy thanked all who helped them along on their journey, including teachers, principals, families and school staff.

She also offered words of confidence and encouragement to her classmates as they head on to the next stage in their lives.

We are a special group of students and time will never erase the memories we have made here but I am confident as time goes by we will make new and everlasting memories wherever life takes us, she said. We can never forget the past because it never changes, but the future is ours to decide.

Various awards were presented during the ceremony, including several entrance scholarships to Dalhousie University. Amy McCallum received an entrance scholarship worth $3,000, while April McCully received a $2,000 scholarship, Andrea Henwood a $1,000 scholarship and Kelsea Gillis and Russell Githinji each received a $500 scholarship.

Leanne Brown received an entrance scholarship to St. Francis Xavier University worth $500 for the 2007-08 year and renewable at $1,000 per year for a potential total of $3,500.

Danielle Clarke received a $500 entrance scholarship to Saint Marys University, while Ashley Tanner received a $2,600 scholarship from Nova Scotia Community College.

Parrsboro Regional High School Scholarship Society scholarships were presented to Amy McCallum ($1,200), Leanne Brown ($800) and Russell Githinji ($400).

The Governor Generals academic medal, presented to the student with the most outstanding academic record over the three-year high school program went to Amy McCallum.

Leanne Brown received the Queen Elizabeth II medal, while the Lieutenant Governors medals went to Grade 11 students Alexander Scott and Jeaneil Quinn.

Exchange students Louise Gallois, Claudia Boye and Anna Louisa Gomes were also recognized, and Claudia and Anna accepted a presentation from the school.

Other awards presented were as follows:

Parrsborough Shore Historical Society history prize, $50 each Leanne Brown and Amy McCallum;

Parrsboro Volunteer Fire Department bursaries, $300 each Brad Wood, Alex Matthews, Kelsey Atkinson and Josh Guilderson;

Cumberland South Liberal Association award, $50 Jenna Milligan;

Wellington Gavin Memorial Bursary, $250 Ashley Tanner;

Clara Gavin Memorial Bursary, $300 Jenna Milligan;

Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 45 Ladies Auxiliary Bursary, $500 Brad Wood;

Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 45 Bursary, $500 Amy McCallum;

Parrsboro and Area Home and School Association Bursary, $300 Andrea Henwood;

Knights of Columbus Bursary, $300 April McCully;

Perley Wright Memorial Bursary, $250 Claire Winters;

Dr. Mary Kernohan Memorial Bursary, $300 Russell Githinji;

Girl Guides of Canada Bursary, $100 April McCully;

Teachers Education Bursaries, $100 each Brandon Erb, Clifford Bennett;

Students Council Bursary, $200 each Leanne Brown, Danielle Clarke;

Doyle Family Bursary, $500 Amy McCallum;

Muray Fulton Memorial Bursary, $100 Kelsey Atkinson;

Parrsboro Schools Café Society Bursary, $200 Jenna Milligan;

Kens Grocery Bursary, $200 Andrea Henwood;

Murray Scott MLA Progressive Conservative Association Award, $100 Jenna Bradbury;

Hicks, LeMoine Bursary, $100 Josh Guilderson;

Parrsboro Over 60 Club Awards, $100 each Kelsea Gillis, Brad Wood;

EastLink Cable Bursary, $250 Luke Welton;

Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd. Bursary, $250 Lindsay Gilbert;

Laidlaw Achievement Award, $200 Claire Winters;

Nova Scotia Teachers Union Bursaries, $416 each Nathan Burbine, Andrea Henwood, Alysa Shaw;

Chartwells Bursary, $100 Richard Morris;

Crossroads Co-Op Bursaries, $250 each April McCully, Kelsea Gillis;

Minas Lodge Freemasons Scholarship, $1,000 Kelsea Gillis;

Parrsboro and District Lioness Bursary, $500 Michael Forbes;

Parrsboro Lions Club Bursary, $1,000 Claire Winters;

St. Brigids Roman Catholic Church Bursary Russell Githinji ($100), Lindsay Gilbert ($200), April McCully ($200);

Rebekah Lodge Bursaries, $200 each Bradley Wood, Courtney Hazel, April McCully;

PRHS Student Police Awards, $300 each Kim Hanna, Samantha Wood, Nicole Paris, April McCully, Kyle Collins, Steven Quinn, Danielle Clarke, Nikki Bennett; $200 each Kelsea Gillis, Ashley Tanner, Amy McCallum, Patrick Klein, Leanne Brown, Lindsay Gilbert, Jenna Bradbury; $100 each Cole Pickard, Andrea Henwood, Alysa Shaw;

Parrsboro Metal Fabricators Bursaries, $300 each Cole Pickard, Clifford Bennett;

Don Yorke Memorial Bursary, $600 Danielle Clarke;

Tanya Roberts Memorial Bursary, $500 Kelsea Gillis;

Trinity United Achievement Awards, $200 each Andrea Henwood, Luke Welton;

C.E. Harrison and Sons Ltd. Bursary, $500 Kim Hanna;

Town of Parrsboro Bursary, $1,000 Nicole Paris;

Family and Childrens Services Bursary, $1,000 April McCully;

Warrior Award, $300 Michael Strong;

School Advisory Council Bursaries, $200 each Leanne Brown, Danielle Clarke;

Marilyn Smith Memorial Bursary, $250 Nicole Paris;

Harry Smith Memorial Bursary, $250 Kelsea Gillis;

Andrew Yorke Memorial Bursary, $500 Ashley Tanner;

Terri-Lynn Leopold Memorial Bursary, $500 Kelsea Gillis;

Thomas M. MacIntyre Community Credit Union Bursary, $500 Amy McCallum;

Shore Drive Community Development Association Awards, $500 each Jessica Amon, Nicholas Harvey, Hannah Colpitts;

Rector Family Memorial Bursary, $100 Clifford Bennett;

James and Alice Fulton Memorial Bursary, $75 Kelsey Atkinson;

Julia Atkinson Memorial Bursary, $75 Travis Taylor;

Kathleen Morris ORegan Bursary, $1,000 Clifford Bennett;

Ellen ORegan Bursary, $1,000 Anthony Morris;

Rhoda Morse Memorial Bursaries, $500 each Danielle Clarke, Alysa Shaw;

RBC Financial Group Bursary, $1,000 Amy McCallum;

Marilyn Smith Internship Award, $2,000 April McCully;

Ron OFlaherty Scholar-Athlete Award Leanne Brown;

PRHS Merit Awards Amy McCallum, Ryan Seguin;

NSSAF Exemplary Participation Awards Michael Strong, Lindsay Gilbert;

Ricky Hunter Memorial Sports Awards Luke Welton, Jenna Bradbury;

Troy Roberts Memorial Athletic Award Leanne Brown;

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