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Churches hosting tea, bake sale on Feb. 11

Port Greville News with Gail Wagstaff
Port Greville News with Gail Wagstaff

Port Greville News with Gaily Wagstaff

It has been an unusual winter so far. One day it is snowing with ice pellets and the next day it is raining. Temperatures can vary 15-20 degrees from day to day. These fluctuations can cause black ice, flash freezing, etc., which often present dangerous driving conditions. I think we might have an early spring this year. Time will tell.

Looking out my window, the water has pooled in several spots in the yard creating miniature ice rinks. This makes me think of how much I used to enjoy skating on outdoor ponds and meadows, as a child. We would skate all day on the weekends until our feet were frozen, trudge home, and return the next weekend to do it all over again.

The pace of life is slow in our community during the winter months.

On Sunday, Feb. 11 there will be a tea and bake sale at the FPW Fire Hall from 1-3 p.m. put on by the United and Anglican churches. Let us drop in and give our support.

The Foxy Lady is out of news for now. Have a great week, everyone. If you have any news, please call or email me by Sunday at 5 p.m.

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