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Celebrating the start of another year

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Well, good morning folks, and I do hope you had a joyful Christmas Day and a wonderful New Year’s celebration, to start the year. We enjoyed the fireworks, that the neighbours were putting off on New Year’s Eve.

We are pleased to hear that Mervin Smith, was able to return to his home, after having been a patient in the Amherst Hospital, for a week. Mervyn’s many friends, wish him a speedy recovery.

Wendell and Margaret Reid, were expecting their eldest, son Jim Reid and his wife Norma Reid of Bridgewater, N.S., to come visit us for a few days, but after they started out, the weather got so bad that they had to return to their home. They said that it was really dangerous on the roads and not safe to travel.

Wendell and Margaret Reid were among the many folks who gathered at the Oxford United Baptist Church on Monday evening, January 7, where the Oxford and Area Men’s Club, held their monthly meeting.

Guest speaker for the evening was Margaret Reid, who spoke about the importance of volunteering. Margaret spoke about the years she volunteered with patients at East Cumberland Lodge in Pugwash. I volunteered for two different patients, whose first name was Elsie. I looked forward to the time I spent with them, and they were always pleased when I arrived. I talked with them, wrote letters for them on occasion, and I was always willing to listen to their little stories. Most of the time they were very cheerful, but sometimes, when they were a bit sad, I always took their hand and made conversation with them, and soon they would feel better and have a big smile on their face. With permission from the Lodge, I was allowed to take one lady for supper at a Restaurant in Pugwash, and she thoroughly enjoyed our little outings. It takes so little of our time to make a difference in someone’s life.

Irven Mac Cormack and friend Wanda Coon of Rodney dropped in for a visit with Mervin and Mary Esther Smith.

Wayne and Karma Reid of Pugwash came here for a visit on Thursday, and they brought turkey pie for supper. It was really delicious.

Brent Reid of Hantsport, N.S. visited on Saturday with us and Wendy Reid cooked a lovely supper, complete with dessert for everyone.

Well folks, I guess there isn’t very much news this week, but that’s all for now.

Quote: “If the Ten commandments were to be published today, in less than Twenty-four hours, someone would challenge them as discriminating against sinners.”

Margaret Reid writes for the Wiliamsdale area for the Amehrst News.

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