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Celebrating 225 years of local Methodism

I hope everyone had a very lovely Thanksgiving weekend! The weather was something else, beautiful on Saturday, threatening showers on Sunday and then all heck broke loose on Thanksgiving Monday!

Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling

It has been a long time since we experienced such heavy rains. We had planned on going to Cape Breton for a few days—intended on leaving on Monday but delayed it a day due to the rain!  Come Tuesday, we delayed it for a week. 

The last thing Cape Breton needed was a few more people to contend with. I was born and brought up in Sydney and was so upset with the flooding they were experiencing. A car was floating right past our former backyard! Thankfully there were no serious injuries. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who now have had such damage done to their homes and in some cases, it is likely that some will have to be torn down!  I know we will be anxious to go around some of our familiar places. 

On Thanksgiving Sunday, Three Harbours Pastoral Charge hosted a tea at the Wallace Community Hall in celebration of the 225th anniversary of the Methodist faith in this area. 

A special guest at the tea was The Rt. Rev. Jordan Cantwell, the Moderator of the United Church.  Sunday morning she preached at a Service in Truro and then drove to Wallace. 

Upwards of 30 people attended the tea and Rev. Connie McNamara presented Rev. Jordan with a gift basket containing local products – from a bottle of Jost Wine to Honey Crisp apples from Vista Bella Orchard  and several other items from local crafters.  

It was nice to see Rev. Heber and Thelma Colborne there and I know several attendees enjoyed their conversation with these two very popular persons. 

A large anniversary/welcome cake was cut by Mrs. Pearl Charman and Rev. Jordan.  Many thanks to the volunteers of the three churches for all the wonderful work. The decorating committee did a tremendous job with fall flowers, leaves and vegetables. Truly a wonderful Thanksgiving display!

Another successful card party was held at the Malagash Community Hall on the llth of October. Five and a half tables were in play and Peggy Halverson was the winner of the Ladies High with David Latta taking home the men’s. 

Lucky prize went to Linda Pettigrew and 50/50 to Cyril Purdy. Congratulations to all the winners and I am sure they will all be there on the 25th. 

Did you happen to see the beautiful Hunter Moon this past weekend?  It was huge and is going to be around for a couple more evenings.  According to Mary P. the moon was still hanging in there this morning while a beautiful sunrise was taking place. 

That is one of the many advantages of living here in this beautiful area---wonderful stars at night and the moon on the water is a sight to behold.  These are the things you don’t see in a city.  I remember once years ago when I was leaving here to drive back to Dartmouth I had to stop on our road and just view the stars for awhile before I hit the road.  Could never see that many in the city! 

Still lots of time to get out and see the beautiful reds and oranges in our forest.   Folly Mountain and Wentworth are a sight to behold!  A few of our residents were away to family events over the weekend and they all expressed their delight in the scenery on the drive home. 

I know the Cabot Trail will still be beautiful even though Cape Breton colors are usually a week ahead of our area. Looking forward to introducing my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to the joys of the Trail. Have a great week everyone, be safe—and enjoy yourselves.


Marian Durling is the Malagash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record.



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