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Capitol Theatre hosts Doug Patriquin and Back to Basics Band

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

The sink hole at the Lion’s Park has gotten much larger and the park is closed as I write this.

 Once they are sure nothing more will happen they will likely fill it with rock. I took a bit of a look around at the trees that were planted by Tree Canada a few years ago and some of them seem to have survived and the big Maple planted out front near the water is doing great. There is a nice little walking trail ‘Lion’s Loop’ around the point.

The Oxford Capitol Theatre hosted a show with Doug Patriquin and Back to the Basics Band. It was an amazing show with great performers. Ross Chapman played lead; Mike Bourque played the peddle steel; Jorden Porelle was the drummer; Chris Mitchell played the hot sax; Tyler Bollrath played a mighty fine fiddle (he is up for a CMAC award)and Mike Elliott played bass.

Doug Patriquin was the star. This crew had Barry Patriquin and Wendy Reid open for them. That was a lot of music on that small stage.

The United Church (Oxford and Collingwood combined) had a quilt and blueberry dessert event at The Trinity United Church and by all reports it was a smashing success. Sunday, Aug. 19, there was an Artisan’s Fair at the Heritage Square and brunch at the legion. I managed to participate in both and pronounce them both excellent.

Monday, Aug. 20 there was good representation from Oxford at the Springhill hospital parking lot to support a Rally for change in our health care delivery. I know there are changes in the system being planned and there seems to be a bottleneck somewhere and I think it is in the information department.

There are short-term plans developing and long-term ones being decided upon but it all seems like a secret. They don’t want to share any info until they are ready to roll it out and I think this is so wrong. One of the worst thing to do is not to communicate with the general public.

 When we have questions and no one trying to answer them we provide our own answers and the crowd opinion seems to settle on the lower rung. It is very hard to keep a positive outlook with no information to feed that positive outlook.

The other thing is to find a way to convince new doctors that emergency medicine in the rural communities could be awesomely rewarding without the intensity of a big city hospital emergency department. Which could be very scary.

I am about out of things I want to talk about except for the Fundy turbine and the parent organization. That whole thing went belly up a couple of weeks ago. They dropped the turbine and ran, basically.

Who is looking after the shop now? All the gear that was supposed to go with the turbine is either not installed or not activated and who would monitor it if it was. We have municipal energy people on staff and what do they do now. I assume they were attached to Force in some way. What are they doing? Who is investigating all this. Who is paying the bills. I have so many questions. If anyone knows who I can ask please let me know.

That might not be all but it is enough for this week.

Eleanor Crowley writes for the Oxford area for the Amherst News.

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