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Café Night a huge success for Millvale Community Hall

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Good morning everyone and I hope you are all doing well. It’s nice to see that some of the leaves are still clinging to the trees, giving the scenery a bit of colour.

On Saturday, Oct. 28, Wendy Reid cooked a delicious supper for her family and friends, She cooked a roast of pork with lots of vegetables, gravy and a delicious cherry cheese cake for dessert. She invited Bill Scott of Amherst, Wayne and Karma Reid of Pugwash. After super we enjoyed an evening of visiting.

Well, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, has come and gone for another year. We were very pleased to have nine little “trick or treaters” come to our door. When our children were growing up, there used to be a lot of young people in the neighbourhood who went out together. I used to make our family a special treat for supper on Halloween night. I would make them each a stack of five pancakes and the top pancake always had a smiley face on it, made by putting wieners in the bottom of the pan, cut up in the shape of a face and then pouring the batter on it, and flipping it over. Our families always seems to grow up too fast.

Mervvyn and Mary Esther Smith were out to Greg and Margo Patriquin’s, in Collingwood, on Nov.4, for a birthday party in honour of Logan Patriquin’s seventh birthday.

Marlene Sarson called to wish Logan a Happy Birthday. Others who attended the party were Josiah Arseneau, Quinn, Makenna, Holly and Griffen Knol; Blake Smith, Jerry Smith, Cassie Robinson and baby Gracie and Abbie Patriquin; Cheryl and Lyle Patriquin, Tessa and Gracie. Marlene Sarson phoned to wish Logan a Happy Birthday.

Congratulations Logan!

A couple of weeks ago the committee for the Millvale Community Hall, held a Cafe Night with music in order to raise funds for some improvement to the Millvale Community Hall.

A beautiful painting was donated by Linda Purdy to sell tickets on to help raise funds. The lucky ticket was drawn at The Independent Store in Oxford on Oct. 31. We would like to congratulate Elizabeth Stewart of Oxford, who was the winner of the painting.

Kya Milton, who is attending the NSCC in Truro, spent the weekend with at her home in Collingwood, with Greg and Margo Patriquin.

Wendell and Margaret Reid visited recently with Margaret’s sister-in-law, Muriel Dobson of Little River. Muriel was in good cheer and we had a nice visit with her. We also visited the cemetery in Mansfield, where a goodly number of my relatives are buried. Later we visited the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, where Wendell’s parents, Archie and Blanche Reid are buried. It is very comforting to see the good condition that these cemeteries are kept in. It shows the love and respect in which these dearly departed relatives are held.

Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith were recent visitors with Jeanne Knol and the family in Oxford. They wanted to wish a happy eighth birthday to Makenna Knol.

On Saturday, Nov.4, the Wentworth United Baptist Church, held their annual apple pie day.

With the help of 18 dedicated workers there were approximately 200 apple pies, made and sold by 3:30 p.m. It was a very successful fundraiser for the church and a wonderful day of fellowship enjoyed by all present.

On Sunday evening, Oct. 29, endy Reid, Bruce and Lorna Stewart, Wendell and Margaret, Alvord and Linda Stewart , all enjoyed supper at the Double C Restaurant in Masstown. It was certainly a delicious meal

Well folks, I guess that is all the news from our small community for this week.

Food For thought: “A Mother may hope that her daughter marries a better man than she did,,but she know that her son will never get as good a wife as his Father did!”


Margaret Reid writes a column for the Williamsdale-Collingwood area. She can be reached at 902-686-3259.

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