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The rain comes and the rain stays but it is better than 10 feet of flooding and no rain and forest fires. Everyone will be looking for goats for their lawns because the lawn mowers are not going to do the job.

Not only that, the golfers are not even able to golf, never mind cutting their lawns. My golfer has been playing bowling on Wii and can’t even win at that. I have been fairly lucky. In fact, I managed some super games and even had 12 strikes for a 300 perfect game. Hooray for the old lady. I even had a few close ones.

The Highland Fling was a great success. It had a great atmosphere and there were a lot of winners and a great day was had by all. We are looking at at least $20,000 net. That should buy a lot of good things for the hospital children’s ward this year. The volunteers were phenomenal as usual this year.

The winners are included here: The quilt was won by Brian Harrison, Northport; barbecue by John Roblee, Oxford; Wandlyn gift package, Lynne O’Brien-Lines; Dayle’s chair, Barbara Wood; Inglis Jeweller’s print, Tammy Harrison, Springhill; Maritime Travel gift bag, Wanda Allen, Baie Verte, N.B.; Mansour’s sweater, Marilyn Hicks, Salem; Amherst Pharmasave blood pressure monitor, Louise Maddigan, Springhill; Gordon’s Ladies Wear purse, Elizabeth Morrison, Amherst; Pink Ladies Cleaning Service, Jennifer Gunn, Amherst; Pugsley’s Pharmacy, calico garden lantern, Blake Daley, Amherst;

From Head To Toe, Kevin Hebert, Sackville; Harrison’s Home Hardware tool set, Dwayne Cleveland, Hastings; Charm Diamond necklace, Sadie Harrison, Amherst; Credit Union car kit, Jessie Dowe, Amherst; Vintage Stove star, hat and t-Shirt, Shirley Barnes, Amherst; Dairy Queen ice cream cake, Stan MacAloney, Amherst; Geomatics Centre N.S. atlas, Aldon Collins, Parrsboro and Cathy Amos, Sackville, N.B.; Fort Equipment tool carrier, Steve Dobson, Amherst; four Amherst Lions Bingo certificates, Sherryl Narsolis, Cathy Janes, Elaine Fage and Dorilla Dunlop, all from Amherst; Barnes Insurance blanket, Diane Lirette, Amherst and Scotiabank book “Start Late, Finish Rich”, Joyce Terrio, Sackville, N.B.

We had a good selection of winners and thank them all for their support of the button draw. Other winners for the day were S. Edwards on the lobster feed; palliative care afghan, Betty Cook; Mary Kay basket, Darlene MacPherson; SOAR basket, Judy and Dave Sutherland; paed/maternity basket, Angela Rector; Teddy Bear Clinic, picnic basket, Theresa Verstratin; Lovable Bear, Aaron Brennan; Spring Bear, Donna Rae MacKinnon; Lions Club Bear, Lindsay Juscina; Victoria quilts, Kim Farrow;

Crafts & Treasurers Draw: blanket and bag, John MacAllister; bear and chair, Louise Small; doll, Jack Wood; purse, Arnold Blenkhorn; crochet table cloth, Elisabeth Wilson; white bear, Leo Guyette; and last but not least the Tantramar Motors car with balloons with a prize of a pizza pool party won by Elexa Rolfe. If I’m not mistaken, her guess was 93 and there were 94 in the car. I understand the pump malfunctioned and two of our members had to come up with good healthy lungs to finish blowing up the balloons.

Cumberland County and its towns must have the largest number of volunteers in Nova Scotia and they also have to be the most generous. They are just phenomenal when it comes to helping, sharing and helping without question. We had support from them all. May God bless them all?

If anyone is interested in getting news in to the “Now Events Wë Share,” the UCW Newsletter, please contact the editor, Jean Smith. They should be printed and available for delivery on June 11 at the rally in Bouctouche, N.B.

The Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Care will hold its annual “Daisy Day” on June 2. We look forward to your support. We thank the “Good Looking Guys” and the “Better Looking Guy’s” for their support and their bonspiel for raising over $8,000 for the Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Care for those in need in the county. We will be holding the annual Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Tea Garden Party on July 23 and hope to have a fun time for all to enjoy at the beautiful Helm Gardens.

Weekly Quote: There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

Something to think about: You’re getting old when everything but time slows down.

Have a good week.

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