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Bill Dominey returns to the stage at Oxford Jam

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Brrr, the weather has been the news this week. Monday Walking Club almost froze their hinnies Monday night and today was 4 above at my house. Wow what a fluctuation! But I am sure we will survive.

I have no memory of what happened on Tuesday so we are assuming nothing.

On Wednesday we had a small emergency with a smoke-filled apartment which could have turned into a large disaster but the fire department to the rescue and I think it all turned out OK. Pretty scary though.

Cumberland Productions are in rehearsal for the Little Mermaid so we have to do ‘take down’ after every Jam so that means we do complete set up before the Jam on Friday so I help with that and that was Thursday evening.

And the Jam was Friday evening. Saw a few people there who had not been there in a while. Nice to see them back. Bill Dominey is recovering and back on stage.

Alice Mayne recently turned 92. Hard to imagine being 92 but she is. They did not throw a big bash just afternoon ‘drop ins.’ Congratulations Alice Mayne.

Oh, Tuesday was crib night at seniors but it was cancelled due to that darn weather.

Well folks, we had a planning meeting on Saturday and guess what we are planning. A Poetry event for Poetry Month in April.

It was a very productive meeting and I am pretty sure we can pull this off. I will keep you all posted. So, all you closet poets get your treasures ready.

We are talking workshop, readings, sharing. It is a planning work in progress and you will be kept informed.

I am taking a mini vacation but only for a few days and I am not going anywhere warm (darn). I am going to see the Body Exhibit at the Museum in Halifax as well as some other things. I will let you know next week what I see and think.

All for this time. And remember, if you want your news written about here I need to know.

Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.

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