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Aris named county’s volunteer of the year

["Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher"]

Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher

We finally had a council session on Feb. 21. We began at 5 p.m. with an in-camera session, four items covered.

Public council started with three presentations, the Parrsboro aboiteau first. As we are depending on tourism more and more, the water-filled aboiteau would be a great draw for tourists. Staff will work with the community to look for a solution.

Next was a presentation requesting fluoridation for Pugwash water. Staff again will do a cost analysis and report back to council.

Sunset Industries of Pugwash is planning a thrift shop and laundry in the Town of Oxford in the near future. Keep an eye on social media and newspapers for more information, and get your donations ready.

Next we approved a motion to adopt the amended service recognition policy and the amended personnel policy. A notice of intent to consider adoption of our revenue collection policy was approved next.

Upgrades to the Glooscap campground for the upcoming season were approved next.

Congratulations to Barb Aris, the municipality’s 2018 volunteer of the year. She will be invited to attend the provincial volunteer awards ceremony in Halifax on April 9.

Please check out our website for information on the Learn 2 Lead workshop series put on by us. The workshops take place throughout the municipality over the next few months and cover many topics.

We have agreed to participate in the community indicators systems project, which measures many aspects of a community.

First reading of the solid waste bylaw changing to two-stream recycling was approved next. Capital projects year to date were next, and the Southampton Fire Department washroom upgrade came up and staff will report back to council at the next meeting on the status of the project.

Next we approved a letter of support to Seaside Internet Service for access to adequate spectrum access to help rural broadband consumers.

A request for an amendment to the funding agreement with the animal shelter will be looked at by staff.

A motion was approved outlining properties deemed surplus.

A motion to approve the purchase of a radar-activated speed sign was approved next. This can be used throughout the municipality.

Five tax remittals were approved next.

Approval of transfer of the memorial pond property in Springhill to the municipality was approved next.

Issues with seasonal residents’ water in and around Parrsboro will be looked at for our capital investment plan.

Question: who will win the Cumberland South byelection? Call your councillor.

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