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1948: Tragic accident claims life of 20-year-old

['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']
['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Sept. 2, 1948 – Springhill Record

Glyndwr Mills, 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Mills, lost his life at Fox River about 5:15 p.m., Thursday Aug. 26th while attempting to swim across the river.  News of the accident shocked a wide circle of friends.

The young man with his fiancée, Miss Gertrude Smith, were spending a few days at the summer cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Orland Blenkhorn, Fox River, when the accident occurred.  The young couple had walked up the sandbar and crossed the river as it winds in from the sea while the tide was out.  Shortly afterwards, Don Osmond passed them as he proceeded further up the shore, warning them to return across the shore before the tide came in as it was a treacherous spot.  When Mr. Osmond returned from his walk he found the couple had failed to notice the tide coming in and the river was full again.  Despite warnings Glyn decided to swim across the narrow river and secure a boat from the opposite side, just below what is known as the Salmon Hole, where everybody swims when the tide is out.  He had gone only a short distance when he was seen to flounder and sink.  Osmond rushed to his aid and as Mills went down for the third time he succeeded in grasping him and attempted to make his way to the shore.  The dead weight, however, was more than Osmond could handle as he went under himself and the boy slipped from his grasp as Gertrude Smith rushed into the water and assisted Osmond to reach the shore.

A call for aid was heard by men fishing outside the point, while the party could see the body on the river bottom in some 10 to 12 feet of water, failed to recover it.  Dr. M.J. Fillmore, of Advocate and his son Paul arrived soon after the tragedy, but it was two hours before Paul, using a small anchor from a fishing vessel was able to raise the body to the surface. Dr. Fillmore worked over the boy for some time using stimulants and oxygen, but to no avail.

Sept. 9, 1948 – Plane Lands on Stonehouse Farm

There was excitement around the farm of Frank Stonehouse Tuesday when a Piper Club plane landed.  It was the “Sylvester Cat” from Metheum, Mass., U.S.A.  and carried Frances DeCesare and Everett Shubert, on their way from Saint John to Amherst.  They had lost their way and dropped into Frank’s for directions.  The plane landed smoothly and took off again without difficulty.

One for Ripley

It was a coincidence, and I think you will agree when you hear the story.  It is worthy of Ripley’s attention.

In Stellerton last week attending the ballgame between the Busters and Stellerton, James Legere purchased a ticket on a new Mercury car.  The drawing was made that day and Mr. Legere drove home in the new Mercury.  Accompanying were Mr. and Mrs. Norman McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Dan McDonald and Mr. Legere’s son Eddie. 

On top of Economy Mountain the party stopped to partake of the delightful spring water.  It is a mecca for travelers.  A new Chrysler Royal was also parked near the spring and Norman McDonald approached it to ask for a paper cup.  “What do you think of our new Chrysler Royal?” asked the driver “Mrs. Forsythe won it today in a drawing today at Moncton.”  “You don’t say” said Mr. McDonald, “Why, Mr. Legere won the car we are driving in a drawing in Stellerton today.”  The two parties congratulated each other and while pleasantries were being exchanged the next car to arrive on the scene was Mr. George Wilson, sales agent from Parrsboro, who offered to purchase both cars without success.

The Chrysler won by Mrs. F. Eugene Forsythe of Windsor, N.S.  During the conversation it was learned that Mrs. Forsythe’s son, Merle, who was in the car, had caught for Mr. Legere’s son, Lloyd, when he pitched for Windsor last year.

Breaks Arm in Fall at Parrsboro Picnic

Miss Eunice Totton, suffering from an attack of dizziness while in Parrsboro Monday attending the Miners’ Picnic, fell on her left arm suffering a fracture.  Dr. Ryan of Parrsboro attended her and Frank Alick brought her back to town where Dr. J.R. Ryan placed her in the hospital Tuesday.

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