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1947: Teachers welcome new members

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Oct. 9, 1947 – Springhill Record

The members of the Springhill Teaching Staff motored to Northport, Friday evening, where they a “welcoming party” at the Campbell Cottage for the new out-of-town members of the staff. Miss Helen Sangster, the new Domestic Science Instructor from Scotland; and Mr. Frank Cosnick, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, of the local High School Staff. The Teachers chartered the local Springhill bus, which was driven by Mr. Harvey Findley, arriving at the shore about 8 O’clock where they were welcomed by the hostesses Misses Kathryn and Isobelle Campbell.

Seated around a roaring fire, the teachers participated in a stimulating program of games and singing under the direction of Mrs. Clara Ritchie.

Miss Ivy Layton and Miss Ida Ross, on behalf of those present welcomed Miss Sangster and Mr. Cosnick to the Springhill Staff, and expressed sincere wishes for success in their profession and happiness as residents of the town.

A delicious lunch brought the evening of fun to an end and in the “wee small hours” the bus returned to Springhill carrying the tired but still singing group.

Springhill Men Are Good Samaritans

Four Businessmen from the Annapolis Valley were in a quandary in Amherst the other evening when they ran short of gasoline, and had a long trip to the Valley ahead of them. Unfortunately, they could not get gasoline in the Town of Amherst, but hospitable businessmen Harold Soley, the Carter Brothers and Will Matthews from the neighboring town of Springhill gave assurances to the four visitors that if they trailed them through to the Mining town, they would see that a tankful of gasoline was provided to ensure a safe trip back to the Valley.

The Quartet included Mr. R.D. Sutton, M.L.A. and Messrs. Haliburton, Machum, and Sterling, all members of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association. They drove to Amherst to attend a meeting called by the Amherst Board of Trade, where J.R. MacNichol, M.P. was chief speaker. They were a little late and endeavoured to make time with the result that they did not stop in Parrsboro or other towns, when coming to Amherst. Planning to return to the Valley immediately after the meeting, they became aware of the need for additional gasoline supplies. But they found it impossible to make contacts in Amherst whereby they could get sufficient gasoline for their return. They drove to Aulac and even there they were out of luck. Fortunately, when they returned to Amherst they encountered four Springhill men who had been present at the MacNichol meeting and with the hospitality for which Springhill has become famous volunteered their assistance.

The four prominent members of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association, who had come to Amherst to be of assistance to this community, reached home in the small hours of the morning – with all due thanks to the kindly group from the Town of Springhill.

Selected for Air Crew in R.C.A.F.

Wm. A. Gillis, better know as Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gillis, arrived home Friday from Centralia, Ontario, where he has been attending the Training School of the R.C.A.F. Billy has just completed his radio and radar electronics course which he has been taking during the past year and has been selected for air crew for which he starts his flying training on November 15th. On a few days leave, Billy flew from Toronto to Moncton, returning yesterday.


Police Investigating Broken Trees

Oct. 23, 1947 – The police have been busy during the week in an effort to track down the party or parties responsible for the breaking of trees on the property of Claude W. Carter. Several boys have been interviewed and we understand the net is closing in on the parties responsible. The citizens should give the Police all the assistance they can in this matter as vandalism if this kind must be stopped if Springhill is to improve its appearance.

Broken Axle

Aubrey Rae’s car suffered a broken axle Monday afternoon when a car, driven by Ralph Canning, backed out from the curb and collided with Rae, who was coming down Main Street. It is said that Canning’s vision was obscured by a truck. The parties are getting together on the damages.

Returns Money

Harold Brown of Athol extended his thanks to the staff of C.W. Carter’s Garage last week when they returned him a ten dollar bill following a payment of his account. It appears that when Mr. Brown paid his account two ten dollar bills were stuck together and no one noticed at the time. Later the garage office staff observed the two bills stuck together and contacted Mr. Brown.

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