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Shop local to save our small shops


Chamber Chat with Wayne Bishop

We are entering a time when our smaller shops will disappear if we do not change our shopping habits.

The big retail outlets are gradually squeezing out the smaller retailers and eventually we will have no local shops. We need to change our thinking about going to the big retail centers for product that can be obtained locally.

I understand the smaller chain stores in our area cannot have on display all the products that the big stores have on their shelves but it does not mean it is not available.

When you are looking for a product and it is not on the shelf check with the storekeeper to see if they can obtain it for you. The smaller chain retailers can check online for you and if it is in the bigger stores they can get it for you also.

The chain stores are judged on their sales each year and will get credit for anything that is ordered online from their store.

We have many smaller independent stores in our area who have many unique items that cannot be obtained at the big box stores. These independent stores need your support to survive therefore take time to visit them and you will be surprised at what products that they have that would make an ideal gift.

I know it is very convenient to shop online but remember every dollar spent online is gone from the area and is no benefit to our local businesses.

Shopping locally will keep our area buzzing with activity. Local retailers supply jobs and keep money circulating in the local area so they can support other businesses in the area. When Shopping Think Local.

Have a Merry Christmas and have a joyful New Year.


Wayne Bishop is the vice-president of the Amherst and Area Chamber of Commerce

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