Cumberland County Blues close out campaign with closing banquet

Jamie Heap
Published on March 2, 2014

Junior B organization thanks board of directors, Springhill for support

SPRINGHILL-While the Cumberland County Blues may not have qualified for the 2014 playoffs, their closing banquet demonstrated that they are an organization defined more by its volunteers and work ethic than by post-season appearances.

“I’d like to thank the players for buying into what I did fairly early on,” said head coach Grove Sutton. “Thank you for the effort you put forth in the second half.”

Blues general manager Terry McManaman expanded upon Sutton’s thoughts.

“You made it interesting,” said McManaman. “Many people wrote you off at Christmas. Unfortunately, we just ran out of time. We got on a hot streak, but so did the Antigonish (Bulldogs). We just couldn’t gain any ground on them.”

First year Blues assistant coach Tyler Gould, who played his final season with the Blues last season, was appreciative of the opportunity that he received this season.

“Thanks to the players for giving me the opportunity,” said Gould. “After playing with most of you last year, it would have been easy for you not to respect me.”

The Cumberland Blues other assistant coach is Paul Atkinson, a former goaltender.

The Blues handed out a number of awards this past Saturday inside the CIBC Common Room of the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre:

Team MVP: Jesse Colbourne and Jessie Cox; top defence man: Zack Anderson; top rookie: Stephen Whittle; sportsmanship combined with playing ability: Brett Pendergast; players’ choice: Jesse Colbourne; leading scorer: Jesse Colburne; top goalie: Jessie Cox; fans choice: Kyle Macdonald and a special presentation made to Connor Smith by Ardean Crowe in memory of her late husband Edward Crowe.

Presentations were also made to over agers Colbourne, Cox and Shawn Wright.

“I would like to publicly thank the board of directors,” stated Blues president Croydon Wood. “It costs about $125,000 to $130,000 to run this team and I can’t count how much the board fundraises each year. I think the players appreciate it—

I know I sure do. For a town of less than 4,000 people, we sold 1,100 turkey burgers (last Saturday). It’s just outstanding. We’re basically supported by the Town of Springhill. Most of the businesses that support us are from Springhill.”

In addition to Erdean Crowe and Karen Wood, who sold Blues’ turkey burgers last Saturday during Chilli Willi, other volunteers who were acknowledged Saturday for their contributions to the Blues’ organization include Frank Likely, Paula Likely, Cynthia MacDonald, Ralph MacDonald, Byrne McIntyre, Angela Mitchell, CharlieMuise, Carl Porter, Lois Terris, Austin Williams and Doug Williams.