MacEachern, Chitty preparing for return with Mounties

Published on September 7, 2017

Lauren MacEachern (left) and Lauren Chitty were recently practicing their game at Robb’s Centennial Complex in Amherst. The former ARHS Vikettes basketball players now play for the Mount Allison Mounties. MacEachern is starting her fourth year with the team and Chitty her third. MacEachern is 21-years-old and is studying social science. Chitty is 20-years-old and is studying science (biology).

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AMHERST, N.S. – Lauren MacEachern and Lauren Chitty miss playing basketball with their twin sisters Ashley MacEachern and Taylor Chitty.

“We always worked well together with our sisters because we had twin-telepathy.”

“It was kind of cool because there were two sets of twins on the floor at the same time and sometimes our opponent wouldn’t know what was going on and would guard the same person,” said MacEachern.

Chitty agrees.

Both sets of twins, the MacEachern twins and the Chitty twins, played for Amherst Regional High School at the same time. Both Lauren’s now play for Mount Allison University, while Ashley and Taylor no longer play basketball.

Lauren Chitty is in Fredericton where she is studying to be a nurse.

“Mine goes to Mount A. I live with her still,” said MacEachern.

Both athletes live in Sackville. MacEachern is entering her fourth year at Mount Allison and Chitty her third.

They say the university basketball game runs at a faster pace than high school.

“With decision-making, with the way you run, everything in general is faster,’ said MacEachern.

Lauren Chitty drives to the basket.

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Chitty says adapting to the pace was difficult at the beginning.

“I’m a thinker, so it took me a while to settle my mind and get used to the pace. I had to learn to go with the flow.”
MacEachern thinks fast but says, “My feet don’t always move when I want them to.”

The girls were recently practicing at Robb’s Centennial Complex in preparation for the upcoming season.

“Staying in shape is really important,” said Chitty.

“You have to work on basketball skills, but it’s mostly improving foot speed and staying in cardio shape,” added MacEachern.

They say the entire Mount A roster is in good shape and are fun to play basketball with.

“We’re all equal with one another. On other teams I’ve been on there’s rookies and seniors with a lot of power at the top,” said MacEachern. “I find everyone at Mount A is on the same level, even if somebody is older, which I like.”

“No one stands out of the team, we all contribute in different ways, and we all get along. No one fights or anything,” added Chitty.

MacEachern blocks Chitty.

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“It makes rookies not scared of seniors, which I find is a huge thing on a lot of teams,” said MacEachern. “They’re always terrified of the older people but we’re not like that, which is good.”

The Mount Allison Women’s basketball team hosts the 2018 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association National Championships.

“We have a lot of potential,” said MacEachern. “We only lost one player and we had gained a couple players, so we’re pretty similar to last year’s team.”

“It will be an advantage because we have chemistry with each other,” added MacEachern.

The championships run from March 14 to 17 at Mount Allison University.