Mixers edge Lions, Cubs beat Y’s Guys

Published on July 5, 2017

Y's Guys player reaches home safe Wednesday night.

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AMHERST, N.S. – Amherst Little League action continued Wednesday with Casey Concrete Mixers beating the Lions 4-3 on the Sonny Foster Field.

Phoenix Remington pitched for the Cubs Wednesday night.
Dave Mathieson - Amherst News

Mandel Nickerson pitched five innings for the Mixers, striking out five batters, while giving up eight hits and three walks.

Hayden Crocket came in as the closer for the Mixers, giving up one hit, and striking out two batters.

Crocket led the Mixers with two doubles, and Nickerson, Riley MacDonald, Burke Beed, Nate Arseneau and Jackson Reed hit one single each.

Nate Campbell pitched the entire game for the Lions, striking out six batters, and giving up seven hits and three walks.

Ben MacDonald and Declan LeBlanc hit one single each for the Lions.

The Carter’s Cresting Cubs beat the Y’s Guys 10-3 on the Landry Field.

Phoenix Remington pitched the entire game for the Cubs, striking out 14 batters, giving up two hits, and walking five batters.

Kieran Sears hit a triple, a double and a single for the Cubs, scoring five RBI’s, and John Adams hit one double and two singles.

Remington and Sawyer Harvey hit two singles each, with Harvey scoring two RBI’s. Jaxon Reynolds and Connor Hunter hit one single each.

Brayden Stevens pitched all six innings for the Y’s Guys, striking out 12 batters, giving up 12 hits, and walking three batters.

Stevens hit a double and Ryder Codling hit one single, scoring two RBI’s.

Cubs vs. Mixers

On Monday night the Cubs beat the Mixers 8-5.

Sears, Remington and Thane McAloney split duties on the mound for the Cubs, scoring nine strikeouts, giving up seven hits, and walking six batters.

McAloney hit one triple and one double for the Cubs, scoring two RBI’s, Remington hit three singles, and also scored two RBI’s, and Harvey hit one single, scoring one RBI.

Ethan Rose and sears hit one single each.

Nickerson pitched four innings for the Mixers, and Beed and Crocket finished the game on the mound. They combined to strike out nine batters, giving up eight hits and eight walks.

Arsenault hit one double for the Mixers, Ethan Sheriff and Connor O’Brien hit two singles each, and scored on RBI each. MacDonald hit one single, scoring two RBI’s.

Lions vs. Y’s Guys

The Lions beat the Y’s Guys 16-2 on Monday night.

Evan Legere and Kyler Edwards pitched three innings each for the Lions. They combined to strike out 15 batters, while giving up one hit and two walks.

Ben MacDonald hit one triple, one double, and two singles for the Lions.

Nate Campbell, Nolan McNally, and Austin Dickie hit two singles each, and LeBlanc, Gregor Millard, Nathaniel Noiles, Edwards and Legere hit one single each.

Cubs cheer before heading home for the night.
Dave Mathieson - Amherst News

Campbell, LeBlanc, Millard, and Edwards scored one RBI each.

Cody Hill pitched five innings for the Y’s Guys, and Jesse Goodwin pitched one inning.

They struck out five batters, gave up 15 hits, and eight walks.

Goodwin hit one single for the Y’s Guys.

Little League action continues Monday night at 6:30 p.m.