Hardware handed out at skating banquet

Published on May 11, 2017

After receiving their awards, and before digging into some ice cream, members of the Amherst Skating Club posed for a photo. Members include: (front, from left) Claire Davis, Alexis Robblee, Rachel MacDiarmid with her younger sister Rachel MacDiarmid, Cameron Delahunt, Savanah Cobbett, Willow Buske, Eve Scott, Katie McIlvena, Isabell Brownell, (back, from left) Mia Farrow, Zoe Lirette, Lauren Beed, Macy Comeau and Olivia Doucette. Missing from photo, Billy Symes, Chelsey Goud and Hannah Doucette.

©Dave Mathieson - Amherst News

AMHERST – It was a night of awards, food and fun for members of the Amherst Skating Club Thursday night.

Hardware was handed out at the 2017 Amherst Skating Club Awards banquet held in the basement the First Baptist Church in Amherst.

Award recipients are as follows:

Club Skater of the Year – Rachel MacDiarmid

Club Competitor of the Year – Savanah Cobbett

Gold Interpretive Pin – Chelsy Gould

Gold Free Pin – Hannah Doucette

Senior Award recipients:

Senior Shining Star Award (Competitive Award) – Savanah Cobbett

Senior Rocketeer Award (Most Improved) – Rachel MacDiarmid

Senior Most Tests Passed – Rachel MacDiarmid

Junior award recipients:

Junior Shining Stars (Competitive Award) – Olivia Doucette, Eve Scott, and Isabel Brownell

Junior Twinkling Stars – Marcy Comeau, Mia Farrow, and Lauran Beed

Junior Rocketeers (Most Improved) – Isabelle Brownell and Eve Scott

Junior Most Tests Passed – Eve Scott

Blossom Award (Personal Development) – Zoe Lirette and Katie McIlvena

Canskate award recipients:

Most Badges Passed – Willow Buske

Completed Stage 6 – Alexis Robblee

Canpower award recipients:

Most Badges Passed/Shining Star (Pre-Power) – Claire Davis

Most Badges Passed/Shining Star (Canpower) – Cameron Delahunt

Pre-Power Program Assistant of the Year – Billy Symes

CanPower Program Assistant of the Year – Mike Gould

Recognition Awards for adults who have contributed in a positive manner:

Outstanding Skatefest contribution – Kathy Gould

Leadership – Kelsi Vastag

Outstanding Contribution by an executive member – Leta MacDiarmid

Best supporting member – Josie Brownell and Laurie Lirette

Outstanding contribution to the Canskate program – Kelsi Vastag, Nicole Church, Heather Polley, Olivia Doucette, Zoe Lirette, Lauren Beed, Mia Farrow, Rachel MacDiarmid and Olivia Pulsifer

Margot Anderson Award – Natasha Farrow

The Margot Anderson Award is presented to an outstanding volunteer who contributes to the Amherst Skating Club in a positive manner.