Valentine Run gives back to community

Published on April 19, 2017

Cheque presentations were made in the lobby of Minocha McKenney Dental in Amherst Thursday afternoon. On hand for the presentation was: from left: Rohin McKenney, Amherst Youth Town Council; Rajan McKenney, Amherst Crazy 8’s Basketball; Kevin Mappleback, principle of West Highlands Elementary School, where the Valentine Run began and finished; Chris Maltby, of Maltby Once Again Sports and the Super 8 Hotel in Amherst, an event sponsor; Darlene Wessell of the Bright Beginnings Child Care Centre; Ken MacKenzie and Alan Theal of the Amherst Valentines Run; Chrissy Castonguay, from the YMCA Child Care Centre; Shelley Carroll, from the Amherst Valentine Run; and Rachna Minocha and Rick McKenney of Minocha McKenney Dental, the major sponsor of the event.

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AMHERST – Volunteering at the Amherst Valentines Run paid dividends for several youth organizations.

“We’re promoting physical fitness and athletics for kids,” said Rachna Minocha, after presenting cheques to four organizations that volunteered at the Valentines Run.

We’re promoting fitness and encouraging kids to get outside and stay active

Rachna Minocha, of Minocha McKenney Dental, the major sponsor of the Valentine Run  

Minocha McKenney Dental is the major sponsor of the Valentines Run.

“We’re promoting fitness and encouraging kids to get outside and stay active,” said Minocha.

All proceeds raised at the Amherst Valentine Run are fed back into the community.

Four cheques were presented to four groups who volunteered at the run: The YMCA Child Care Centre, Bright Beginnings Child Care Centre, the Amherst Crazy 8’s, Grade 8 boys basketball team, and West Highlands Elementary School.

The Cumberland Sporting Club and Amherst Youth Town Council were also recognized during the presentation for supplying volunteers for the event.

The sporting clubs 63 youth runners entered the race for free after volunteering for the run.

Next year is the fifth annual run.

“We’re looking to do something big for the fifth anniversary, so wait and see,” said Minocha.