Burbine captures his first national championship in Walton

Springhill's Ryan Lockhart wins title in Plus 25 class

Dave Mathieson webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on August 20, 2014

Burbine wins almost every race he enters in the Maritimes and has also garnered a strong following in Quebec, where he raced on his way to Walton, Ont.

JOGGINS – 10-year-old Damon Burbine always dreamed of winning a national title on the biggest motocross stage in Canada, and now he’s done it.

The motocross racer from Joggins conquered the Canadian motocross world by winning the national title at the Parts Canada TransCan Championship in Walton, Ont., over the weekend.

Damon’s mom, Stacey Gilroy, said Damon was surprised by the win.

“Everyone was congratulating him the day he won but I don’t think it sunk in until the next morning,” she said. “When we woke up he said, ‘mom, I’m number one in Canada right now.’”

Burbine races in the 65cc Peewee (10 to 11-year-old) Class.

“He’s probably the youngest in his class because he races against a lot of 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds who made the cut off date for the class,” said Gilroy.

Each race has three moto’s and the three times are combined to determine the fastest rider.

Burbine started fourth in the first moto but pulled ahead in the last lap to win the race.

He led the second moto from beginning to end, and then finished second in the third moto. (The third moto doesn’t have a summary because the race was stopped early.)

“They stopped the moto because all the bikes were getting stuck in the mud,” said Gilroy. “He dominated in the mud, so if the race would have continued we were pretty confident he would have won.”

Gilroy says the weather was very poor and the ruts were very deep in Walton. Even the 450cc bikes were getting stuck.

“You really had to pick good lines and good ruts and know exactly where to make your move. It was a lot of smart, technical riding.”

Although he doesn’t have an 85cc motocross bike, Burbine also entered races in the 85cc Class.

“The gate guy looked at Damon and said, Do you know you’re the only 65cc here,'” said Gilroy.

Burbine finished seventh in the first moto, eighth in the third moto, and 14th in the second moto.

“He had a bad start on the second moto because he got caught up, and then he crashed in a corner trying to make a tight pass on the inside but moved back up to 14th,” said Gilory.

Burbine finsished ninth overall in the 85cc division.

“Riders from across Canada strive to get in the top 20 at Walton,” said Gilroy. “Top 20 means you’re good but top 10 means you’re really good.”

More and more people across Canada are learning just how good the 10-year-old really is.

“He had a lot of eyes on him in Walton, a lot of the pros and a lot of big companies, so hopefully that will lead to further sponsorships.”

Burbine wins almost every race he enters in the Maritimes and has garnered a strong following in Quebec, where he raced on his way to Walton.

“In Quebec the cheers that were coming out of people was amazing,” said Gilroy. “People were coming out to talk to us. We don’t speak French and they don’t speak English but we still tried to talk to each other.”

Burbine has three more Maritime races in the fall season, and then motocross is over until next spring.

“He will race with his 65cc again next year but we hope to get him a 85cc that he can practice on,” said Gilroy. “He will be riding both classes next year, but with his age category he still has another year in 65cc.”

Anyone who has met Damon would be very surprised to learn he’s one of the top motocross racers in Canada.

“He’s quiet,” said Gilroy.

And it doesn’t appear success will change him anytime soon.

“We had three people from Walton who know the motocross scene very well come up to us and say, ‘I hope you guys are ready for this because you’re kid's a pro,’” said Gilroy.

“He’s so nice off the track. He’s always playing with the other kids,” she added. “That means more than his winning to us.”


The following results include races from Springhill’s Ryan Lockhart, who won the Plus 25 class in dominating fashion in Walton.

Results are as follows:


Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway in Ontario.


– 65cc Peewee (10-11) Class

Finished first overall.

Moto 1 – Finished 1st. Started in fourth place, was in second place for much of the race but pulled out ahead in the last lap and didn’t look back.

Moto 2 – Finished 1st. Led the race from start to finish.

Moto 3 – Finished 2nd. Lap summary not available because the race was finished early due to the fact so many bikes were getting stuck.

– 85cc (7-11) Class

Burbine finished ninth overall.

Moto 1 – Finished 7th. Started in fifth place, fell to ninth, and made his way to seventh in the final lap.

Moto 2 – Finished 14th. Started in 13, fell to 21st, worked his way back to finish fourteenth.

Moto 3 – Finished 8th. Started in sixth place, and was in seventh and 8th position for the rest of the Moto.

RYAN LOCKART (Springhill. Now living in Langley B.C.)

– Plus 25 Class

Finished first overall

Moto 1 – Finished 1st. Lap summary not available

Moto 2 – Finished 1st. Led the race from start to finish.

Moto 3 – Finished 1st. Led race from start to finish.