Little league plays three nights in a row

Cubs win two close games

Published on July 3, 2014

AMHERST – Amherst Little Leaguer’s played three nights in three days this week to make up for a rain day from last week.


– Lions vs. Mixers

The Lions doubled the Casey Concrete Mixers 24-12 during Wednesday night Amherst Little League action.

Braden Nichol and Matthew Hunter pitched for the Lions, giving up 11 hits, five walks, and striking out 11 batters.

Graden Chitty hit a triple, two doubles and one single, while Jordan MacKenzie hit four doubles.

Cole Stevens added a double and a single for the Lions, Nichol hit five singles, Madden Miller hit three singles, Hunter and Julian MacDonald hit two singles each, and Nate Campbell hit one single.

Isaac VanSnick pitched for the Mixers, giving up 15 hits, five walks, and striking out six batters.

Jackson Colborne hit a triple and two singles for the Mixers, Landon Veno hit a double and a single, while Josh Arsenault and Lucas Vance each hit one double. Cam Vance added a single.

– Cubs edge Y’s Guys

On the Landry Field, it was the Cumberland Paving Cubs coming out on top in a close 17-16 battle.

Cal Hoeg pitched the win, giving up nine hits, 10 walks and striking out four batters.

Mika Porter hi two singles, and Hoeg and Brandon Hicks had one single each.

Tyler Baker and Brayden Stevens pitched for the Y’s Guys. The combined to give up six hits, 21 walks, and struck out three batters.

Jackson Comeau hit a triple, and double and two singles, while Colson Brown, Jake Adams, Stevens and Jeremiah Martin hit one single each.


– Lions shutout Y’s Guys

The Lions beat the Y’s Guys 10-0 Tuesday with Graden Chitty pitching for the Lions.

He gave up on hit and one walk, while striking out 14 batters.

Chitty also hit a double and two singles for the Lions, and Jordan MacKenzie hit a single.

Jackson Comeau pitched five innings for the Y’s Guy and Jake Adams pitched the final inning.

They combined to give up four hits, and 12 walks, and struck out five batters.

Tyler Baker hit the lone single for the Y’s Guys.

– Cubs beat Mixers

The Cumberland Paving Cubs beat the Casey Concrete Mixers 16-6, with Ethan Casey getting the win on the mound for the Cubs.

Casey gave up seven hits and one walk, and struck out 14 batters.

The Cubs bats were led by Cal Hoeg, who hit a triple, a double and a single and three RBI’s, while Luke Carde hit two RBI’s off one double and one single.

Mika Porter knocked in two runs off a double, Casey hit in one runner off a double, and Brandon Hicks hit three singles.

Reese Blakeney pitched for the Mixers, giving up 10 hits and 12 walks, and striking out 12 batters.

Jackson Colborne had two RBI’s on a double and a single, and Ethan Bishop hit in two runners of a double.

Isaac Van Snick brought in one runner of a single, and Cam Vance, Ethan Herrett and Josh Arsenault hit one single each.


– On Monday it was the Mixers beating the Y’s Guys 13-4.

Jackson Colborne got the win on the mound for the Mixers by giving up five hits, four walks and striking out 12 batters.

Ethan Bishop had two RB’s off three singles, and Blakeney also hit two RBI’s, nocking in two runs on one single.

Ethan Herrett hit on single and one RBI, and Josh Arsenault and Landon Veno, hit one single each.

Four pitchers took to the mound for the Y’s Guys – Braydon Stevens, Zack Boudreau, Jayden Matheson and Jeremiah Martin.

They combined to strike out 12 batters, while giving up seven hits and 14 walks.

Matheson, Stevens, Boudreau, Tyler Baker and Jake Adams hit one single each. Baker and Adams also had one RBI each.

– Cubs edge Lions

The Cubs beat the Lions Monday by a score of 4-3.

Brandon Hicks was the winning pitcher, giving up six hits, three walks, and striking out 10 batters.

Hicks also hit a single for the Cubs, Cal Hoeg hit a double, and Broc McEachern and Ty Beed both hit singles.

Cole Stevens was on the mound for the Lions. He gave up six hits, seven walks, and struck out nine batters.