Little league announces t-ball rosters

Published on June 26, 2014

AMHERST – Amherst Little League has announced its T-ball rosters for the 2014 season.

Dusters: JJ Dorrington, Cale O'Brien, Ben Babineau, Talan Rose, Alexsis Robblee, Austin Cormier, Jaxon Stevens, Tate Jollota, Chase Codling, Aiden Gouchie and  Marylynn Brown. 

‪Kool Kats: Ryan Wilson, Mathias Mayhem, Michael Boudreau, Rory Richard, Colton Hachey, Ryker Reynolds, Courtney Jury, Shyann Durham, Kobe Reid, Connor MacDonald and Nadia Carter.

Baserunners: Simon Buske, Willow Buske, Ethan Hunter, Owen Nuttall, Joseph Panizo Melanson, Cameron Delahunt, Beau Janes, Kaden Wilson and Taqran Barrett

Sluggers: Kenneth Dowe. Catherine Thibodeau, Tye Pettigrew. Landen Davis, Willow Keith, Chloe Leblanc, Dominique Doucette and Brayson Mitton.

Following is the schedule (all games start at 9 a.m.):

June 30 – Baserunners vs. Dusters

July 2 – Kool Kats vs. Baserunners

July 3 – Dusters vs. Sluggers

July 7 – Sluggers vs. Baserunners

July 8 – Kool Kats vs. Dusters

July 9 – Dusters vs. Baserunners

July 10 – Kool Kats vs. Sluggers

July 14 – Baserunners vs. Kool Kats

July 15 – Sluggers vs. Dusters

July 16 – Baserunners vs. Sluggers

July 17 – Dusters vs. Kool Kats

July 21 – Baserunners vs. Dusters

July 22 – Sluggers vs. Kool Kats

July 23 – Kool Kats vs. Baserunners

July 24 – Dusters vs. Sluggers

July 28 – Sluggers vs. Baserunners

July 29 – Kool Kats vs. Dusters

July 30 – Dusters vs. Baserunners

July 31 – Kool Kats vs. Sluggers

Aug. 4 – Baserunners vs. Kool Kats

Aug. 5 – Sluggers vs. Dusters

Aug. 6 – Baserunners vs. Sluggers

Aug. 7 – Dusters vs. Kool Kats

Aug. 11 – Baserunners vs. Dusters

Aug. 12 – Sluggers vs. Kool Kats

Aug. 13 – Kool Kats vs. Baserunners

Aug. 14 – Dusters vs. Sluggers

Aug. 18 – Sluggers vs. Baserunners

Aug. 19 – Kool Kats vs. Dusters

T-ball closing is Aug. 20 at 10:30 a.m.

Children can still be registered for T-ball by coming to the field or calling 667-7160.

Anyone wishing to help out around the field during T-ball is asked to contact Matt Bartley or Andrew Skinner at the field at 667-7160.