Athol native helps Hockey TSN Insider

Jamie Heap
Published on January 2, 2014
TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie (left) and Infinity Hockey Group founder Justin Harrison (right) pose for a picture in November, 2013. Harrison played an integral role in tracking down The Masher so that McKenzie could interview him for a book that he is working on.
Photo Submitted by Kourtney Logan

Sports Talk

Athol native Justin Harrison had no idea back in March 2013 that he would play an integral role in helping TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie with a project of his.

“Is ‘Mash’ aka ‘The Masher’ aka Charles (Chuck) Rosart still kicking around arenas anywhere? If you have to ask who he is, never mind. Thx,” tweeted McKenzie on Twitter on March 20. Harrison, the founder of Infinity Hockey Group, a Halifax-based scouting organization that has clients throughout North America and Europe, was one of 200 people who retweeted McKenzie’s tweet.

“The Masher is a guy who is infamous in the hockey world,” said Harrison. “I was one of probably a couple hundred to reply to Bob about the Masher’s whereabouts -he now calls Halifax home. I didn't expect anything to come from that tweet. Time went by and, several months ago, Bob followed me on Twitter and sent me a message asking if I could help him with a special project on the Masher. McKenzie, who is writing a new book, is including a chapter/feature on Masher.

Harrison and McKenzie became fast friends, exchanging Twitter messages, texts and emails with one common goal-tracking down the Masher for an interview. It didn’t take Harrison to scout out the whereabouts of his infamous colleague, tracking him down at a home game of an undisclosed Metro hockey team.

“I approached the Masher and told him that Bob was looking for him for a project and asked if he would be around in the next couple of weeks, which he said he would. I confirmed with Bob that Masher told me he would be at these games. Bob arranged a flight to come to Halifax for a day so we could track down Masher.”

This past November, McKenzie visited Halifax. “We drove around a bit before we went to the game. The game was at an old rink - a real barn,” said Harrison. I went to look for the Masher –I couldn't find him at first. Finally, I went up to the heated room, and sure enough there he was. I told Masher to come down. He did and met up with Bob (who) interviewed Masher for two full periods (in the heated room).”

At the arena, McKenzie signed autographs and took pictures with fans during the intermission. As for Harrison, McKenzie gave him a signed Bobby Orr baseball hat. For Christmas, Harrison received two TSN tukes in the mail from McKenzie: one for him and one for his girlfriend Kourtney Logan, as tokens of appreciation.