Cuvelier wins junior golf tour in Amherst

Dave Mathieson
Published on August 8, 2013

AMHERST – Dartmouth’s Brandon Cuvelier was overall winner of the Cobra Puma Junior Golf Tour Wednesday afternoon at the Amherst Golf Club.

It was the fourth and final stop on the tour and Cuvelier said, “coming into it I didn’t think I’d play that well but I did and pulled it off.”

Cuvelier said his putter was working well for him and he liked the course.

“The course was really nice,” said the 14-year-old. “It was better than I expected and I’d love to come back here some time.”

The tour started four weeks ago at Northumberland Links, and stopped in Parsboro and Springhill before finishing in Amherst.

Amherst’s Matt McCrossin would have won the overall title if he won the Amherst leg of the tour but settled for finishing first in the Junior Division.

“I played a good back-nine after playing a bad front-nine,” said the 18-year-old McCrossin. “My driver was all over the place but I put the driver away and hit three wood off the tees and that worked out pretty good.”

Golfers finishing first overall received a Cobra driver from Cobra Puma Golf Canada.

“I have a new driver, so hopefully that will help.”

McCrossin shot an 86 on the Amherst course.

“I strive for 83 or below, so 86 is average for me,” said McCrossin. “But I don’t do good in tournaments. I play a lot better with no pressure on me.”

Paul Wood, vice-chair of the Amherst Junior Program was happy with the performance of his players.

“They did well and it was good to see the young ones coming up,” said Wood. “It’s a lot different playing recreational golf than it is playing competition golf. “

This was the inaugural Cobra Puma Golf Junior Tour and Brad Ross, regional territory manager for Cobra Puma Golf Canada, hopes they can do it again next year.

“We had a great turnout and Cobra Puma Golf is thrilled to be involved in supporting junior golf,” said Ross. “This is a great course and it has great people. They did a great job running the show here.”

Travis Parrell organized the Amherst tour stop.

“I tank Brad for stepping up. He did a great job,” said Parrell.

McCrossin will be back for the first half on next year’s tour.

“Next year I can participate in the first two tournaments but then I turn 19, so I can’t participate in the last two tournaments.”

Final results after all four tour stops

- Overall Winner – Brandon Cuvelier

- Top five in Junior Division

Matt McCrossin

Brett MacIsaac

Brandon Dowe

Steven Belyea

Gordon Mitchell

- Top four in Juvenile Division

Liam Bradley

 Kier Hibberts

Joel McCrossin

Quinn MacDonald

- Top five in Midget Division

Jack Gillis

Morgan Jobes

Andrew Lawrence

Christian Huntley

Tre Brundage

- Top five in Peewee Division

Josh Shwaykowski

Brendon Meisner

Reese Blakeney

Jayden Matheson

Jaxon LeBlanc