Bates & Merrill Gets Under Way

Jamie Heap
Published on August 10, 2013
Kathy Lake, Ian Merrill and Brenda Merrill hold balloons that were released in memory of Corey Bates and Nick Merrill andduring the opening of their 2011 memorial slopitch tournament at Robb's Centennial Complex in this file photo. The 7th Annual Bates & Merrill Memorial Slopitch Softball Tournament is currently under way at Robb's Field. It will run Saturday and Sunday.
Darrell Cole-Amherst News (File Photo)

Seventh Annual Memorial Slopitch Tournament Will Run All Weekend at Robb's

AMHERST-Rain may have postponed Friday's scheduled games, but nothing could dampen the spirit of the 7th annual Corey Bates & Nick Merrill Memorial Slopitch Softball Tournament that is scheduled to get under way Saturday at 9:00 am at Robb's Centennial Complex in Amherst.

A number of co-ed and Men's teams, playing in both competitive and recreation divisions, will take to the diamond today and tomorrow to honour the memories of Corey Bates & Nick Merrill.

Teams scheduled to play include the Beer Guts, Brews & Bombs, Bunch of Guys, Shake n' Bake, the team that Nick''s father Ian Merrill plays for, notwithstanding past and present members of the newly crowned Amherst Men's Slopitch League Division I  champions, the Cumberland Reds, as well as the Jager Bombs, the 2013 Amherst Men's Slopitch League Division II Champions.

Other teams that will be swinging for the fences while throwing some leather will include Team Shed, Sobeys, YMCA, the Unsalted Crackers, Moncton, McLeans,  BroJays and Hillboys.

All totalled, over a dozen teams will take to the field for a tournament that continues to grow.