BRT Racing gearing up for another season

Dave Mathieson
Published on May 7, 2013
Motocross racers from the BRT Racing team line up at the start of their practice track on the Pumping Station Road just outside of Amherst. The team is (from right to left) 10-year-old Marshall White, 15-year-old Nick Farrer, nine-year-old Colby Beaulieu, 17-year-old Megan Proctor, 16-year-old Bradley Beaulieu and 15-year-old Justin Leach.
Dave Mathieson - Amherst Daily News

HASTINGS - Motocross racing is growing in Cumberland County, and a big part of that growth comes from the BRT Racing team.

"We've been racing since about 2009," said team coach Yves Beaulieu.

Beaulieu built a mini-track behind his home in 2009, and the track has grown ever since.

"Two years ago we made it bigger and then made further upgrades last year."

Beaulieu used to race in Quebec when he was growing up and wanted to get his two sons, Bradley and Colby, involved in the sport.

"My kids always had four wheelers but I wanted to put them on the racing circuit, so I built them the track to practice and I brought in other kids to practice as well."

The course takes about two minutes to go around and features many jumps and other features a racer finds on the race circuit.

Bradley, who is 16-years-old, races a 250 cc motorbike and says he loves going over the jumps.

"I like the thrill of it," he said.

Nine-year-old Colby won both his races in the 50 cc class last weekend at Riverglade, N.B.

"It's a fun sport," he said.

10-year-old Marshall White is another team member.

"I used to always watch super-cross," said White. "It's been my all time dream to race motocross.

"I hope to go pro someday," he added. "I'll race until my body says no more."

A new member to the team is 17-year-old Megan Proctor.

Proctor started riding motocross only a few weeks ago and hopes to race at Mill Hills on May 19.

"I just hope to finish May 19," she said. "I want to start off with small goals and work up from there."

She said racing is strenuous work.

"Lifting a bike is hard and it takes time and practice," said the Grade 11 student at ARHS. "You have to be dedicated."

Proctor races in the 125 cc class and said she likes the corners.

"Going into turns with other racers is a rush. It's the trill of it all."

Yves said all the racers get along with each other, and with all the other racers on the circuit as well.

"When they get to the race track, the only time there's competition is on the track," he said. "Off the track everybody gets along, and they're all like friends and family."

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