Cobequid Spartans dominate at provincial championships

Published on April 11, 2013
Erin McCavour and Matt Miller will represent the Cobequid Spartans gymnastics club at the Eastern championships in Newfoundland next month. The two members earned berths after the 2013 Nova Scotia Gymnastics championships in Amherst this past weekend.
Raissa Tetanish - Truro Daily News.

By Heather Clarke
Special to the Truro Daily News

BIBLE HILL - When Lauren Weir walked into the 2013 Nova Scotia gymnastics championship in Amherst during the weekend, she couldn't believe she was really there.

"I felt really nervous at first, because I kept thinking about sticking my landings," says Weir, who lives in Truro. "But it was so exciting to be there - it was worth it."

More than 270 young athletes from nine clubs from across the province competed at the event, and the Cobequid Spartans Gymnastics Club sent 12 boys and 20 girls into the mix. Ranging from nine to 20 years old, the athletes train in their complex on the provincial exhibition grounds.

Coaches Erin Simpson, Brittany Green, Colin James, Kim Bernard and Jared Goad brought many Spartans home happily clutching medals, and 12 members secured spots in higher-level competitions.

Hayden Payson, Cassie Beselt and Erin McCavour were crowned provincial champions. Hayden Payson, Zach Morris, Daniel Brownell, Sam Trenholm, Quinn Cashen, Liam Simpson, Zander Morris, Cassie Beselt, and Jordyn Henderson earned spots on the Atlantic team, and will compete in Sydney in a few weeks. Matt Miller and McCavour will be representing the Cobequid Spartans at the Eastern championships in Newfoundland next month, and Goad, 20, will be representing them at nationals in Ottawa at the end of May.

Head coach Simpson says the athletes performed well during the physically demanding three-day event.

"It was great to see our club working hard out there, and earning a few provincial spots," says Simpson. "Everyone was excited to be there, and had a lot of energy. We're very proud."

Following are results of Cobequid Spartans who competed at the provincial championships:


Argo 1:

— Olivia Kryzwonos (2nd on vault)

— Ashton Boudreau (4th on vault, 2nd on beam, 6th all around)

— Lauren Boyd (6th on vault, 5th on beam, 1st on bars, 2nd all around)

— Sarah Brownell

— Nicole McGill

— Maia Zann Roland

— Rebecca Langille

Tyro 1:

— Madison MacLeod

— Rebecca MacIssac (4th on vault and beam, 2nd all around)

Novice 1:

— Sophie Mosley

Open 1:

— Shannon O'Connor (2nd on vault, 5th on floor, 6th all around)

Argo 2:

— Cassie Beselt (5th on vault and beam, 2nd on bars, 1st on floor, provincial champion, Atlantic team member)

Tyro 2:

— Lauren Weir

— Haley MacDonald

Novice 2:

— Cassidy O'Toole

— Sophie Bernard

Open 2:

— Kailley Forbes (4th on vault and bars, 6th all around)

Tyro 3:

— Jordyn Henderson (5th on bars and beams, 6th all around, Atlantic team member)

Novice 3:

— Brooklyn Brown (4th on vault)

Novice 4:

— Erin McCavour (2nd on vault, 4th on bars, 1st on beams and floor, provincial champion, Eastern team member)


Level 1, Under 12:

— Hayden Payson (3rd on rings, 2nd on pommels and vault, provincial champion, Atlantic team member)

— Zach Morris (1st on floor and vault, 3rd on P-bars and high bar, 3rd all around, Atlantic team member)

— Zac Reyes (5th on Floor and Vault, 6th on High Bar)

— Lee Gilbert (5th on Floor)

— Liam Selway

Level 1, 12 and over:

— Daniel Brownell (3rd on pommels, 6th on rings, Atlantic team member)

Level 2:

— Sam Trenholm (2nd on floor, 3rd on P-bars, 4th on high bar and vault, 5th on rings and pommels, 4th all around, Atlantic team member)

— Quinn Cashen (1st on pommels, 4th on rings, 5th on floor, vault, P-bars, and high Bar, 5th all around, Atlantic team member)

Level 3, 13 and under:

— Liam Simpson (6th on pommels, Atlantic team member)

— Zander Morris (Atlantic team member)

Level 6 (National Open):

— Matt Miller (2nd on rings and P-bars, 3rd on pommels, vault, and high bar, 3rd all around, Eastern team member)

— Jared Goad (3rd on rings and P-bars, 2nd on pommels and high bar, 1st on floor and vault, 2nd all around, National team member)