ARHS Vikings hockey season comes to an end

Dave Mathieson
Published on March 20, 2013
Vikings vs. Schooners
File Photo

MUSQUODOBOIT – Stephen Belyea scored the lone Vikings goal in a 3-1 loss to the Eastern Shore District High School Schooners Tuesday night during Game-3 their Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation Division 2 playoff hockey series in Musquodoboit Harbour.

With the loss the Vikings inaugural season comes to an end, while the Schooners advance to the provincial championships this weekend in Pictou County.

Vikings coach Wayne MacKenzie wasn’t happy with the one of the referees.

“I usually don’t like to growl about referees because they’re out there to keep the game safe but it was unbelievable,” said MacKenzie. “It was ridiculous. They’d get a penalty and then they’d give us a penalty just to even it up. It was probably one of the worst referees I’ve seen in 13 years.

“There were two referees down there, one was good and the other one was…ridiculous,” he added. “We couldn’t do anything and they’d throw us in the box.”

The Vikings hockey team was the first team ARHS put on the ice in 25 years.

“After the game I told the guys to be proud,” said MacKenzie. “I told them they worked hard but sometimes they don’t have full control of the outcome.”

It was the first and last season of high school hockey for eight of the Vikings.

“It wish there would have been a different result but, you know what, they played hard,” said MacKenzie. “I wish them all the best of luck in the future with all their pursuits.”

MacKenzie thanked the employers in Amherst for letting his players take time off work to play games and be part of Vikings hockey.

“Businesses in town have been very supportive by letting our kids get away,” he said.