Playing pool in memory of a brother and friend

Jamie Heap
Published on November 30, 2013
Members of Scotiabank Amherst Centre (from left: Kelley Hurley, Victoria Hamilton and Nancy Young) and Wayne Adshade (second from right) hold silent auction items Saturday at Dooly's during the 11th annual Keith Adshade Scotch Doubles pool tournament. Scotiabank Amherst Centre will match eligible funds, including final bids on silent auction items, raised during the annual pool tournament held in memory oy Wayne and Alan Adshade's late brother Keith Adshade who passed away in December of 2002.

Tournament organizers Wayne and Alan Adshade honour the memory of their later brother through the 11th annual Keith Adshade Scotch Doubles pool tournament for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

AMHERST-No fewer than sixteen teams played pool at Dooly's Saturday in memory of Keith Adshade, a brother and friend who passed away nearly 11 years ago in December of 2002 of a heart attack. Tournament organizers Wayne and Alan Adshade, brothers of the late Keith Adshade, their middle brother, were among those who helped raised money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

“Dedicated people come out each and every year,” said Wayne. “We appreciate it.”

Wayne’s younger brother Alan Adshade echoed his older brother’s sentiments.

“As we’ve continued to hold this event from year to year, we’ve been excited to see it grow,” stated Alan. “We’d like to thank everyone who came out today.”

In the decade prior to 2013, the Keith Adshade Scotch Doubles pool tournament raised $19,200 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, a total that eclipsed $20,000 once tournament entry fees and silent auction bids were tabulated. This year, Amherst Centre Scotiabank matched eligible profits earned from the tournament that is usually played the last Saturday of November in Keith’s memory.

“This is the first year that we’ve helped the Heart and Stroke Foundation,” stated Nancy Young of Amherst Centre Scotiabank. “We’ll match all eligible funds, including 100% from the silent auction.

A number of items such as framed paintings, photographs, jackets, ball caps, dinnerware, small appliances duffle bags, back packs and drinking containers were placed on unused pool tables for people to write their names and bids on silently.

Jeanne of Jeanne’s Decorative Cakehouse was on site to serve players food.