Successful year for Amherst Open golfers

Published on August 23, 2012
Jim Coates (from left), Kevin Dugas and François Hebert took home the top prizes for their final scores during the final day of the Amherst Open tournament on Thursday.
Jocelyn Turner

By Jocelyn Turner

Amherst Daily News

AMHERST – Golfers did the final tee up at the Amherst Open tournament yesterday at the Amherst Gold Club. Participants finished the final round and lowest scores in each division were awarded prizes.

Overall pro winner, Kevin Dugas, came back to the course as a force to be reckoned with. Dugas played in the tournament in previous years and won the championship cup. This year, he finished with the lowest pro golfer score of 140, two under par.

“It was my first win this year and from what I’ve been playing (I haven’t been playing a lot), I hit good both days, but overall, I was very happy with my game today,” he said. “I could have been a few strokes better but for what I played, I can’t complain.”

Amateur golfer, François Hebert, took home the overall amateur low score of 145, only three over par. He was very happy with his game.

“It’s my second tournament this year and my second win,” he said. “It’s my first year competing in the men’s (last year, I was a junior). To come here and win a tournament felt great.”

Amherst Club professional, Frank McShane, said he was very happy with the turn out. He said the weather was in everyone’s favour.

“We had 20 professionals, more than we’ve had in quite a few years,” he said. “The weather was perfect for the event. Everything went really good. Nothing but great things to say.”

Dugas said the sport is great for all ages and more people should come out and see what golf is all about.

“With golf or any other sport, (younger people) need to stay away from the computers and the cellphones, the texting and see how much fun you can have outdoors,” he said. “Golf is a great game. It’s you against the golf course.”

Lowest scoring players in each division were awarded prizes. McShane said there was over $10,000 worth of prizes giving away along with cash prizes to lowest scores among the professional golfers.