Burbine soaring to new heights on motocross track

Dave Mathieson webcomments@ngnews.ca
Published on December 5, 2011

JOGGINS - Once he hits the racetrack Damon Burbine focuses on just one thing - winning.

"He'll be playing with his friends and when they have to race he gets real serious and forgets everything," Damon's mom, Stacey Gilroy, said. "He's very focused on the track, and when he comes off the track he acts like he did nothing."

The seven-year-old motocross racer from Joggins is one of the top ranked racers in Canada and usually comes off the racetrack with a win.

Burbine was one of the top racers in Canada in 2010 when he competed in the 4 to 6-year-old, 50 cc division, and this year Burbine picked up where he left off competing in 14 races and 28 moto's in the 7 to 8-year-old 50 cc division.

"He came in second in the spring series and won his fall series," Gilroy said. "He never lost a race in the fall series.

"I thought maybe he'd get tired of it but each season he gets so excited for it," she added. "He's really aggressive. He loves to compete, he loves going fast and he loves doing jumps and tricks."

Damon said he likes taking jumps the best.

"I do whips and take my foot off the pedals sometimes," he said. "I can do a no-footer and a one-footer."

There's a jump at the River Glade racetrack in New Brunswick called the Klattapult, which is named after Canadian motocross legend Dusty Klatt.

"He kept telling his dad (Jason) he wanted to jump it," Gilroy said. "Nobody has done it on a 50 cc before and he cleared the jump at his the last race at River Glade."

Next season he will continue to compete in the 50 cc division but will also ride his new 65 cc bike whenever he can.

"He drove the 65 in a practice moto at the very last race at Riverglade and he's rode it a couple times in practice around the yard," Gilroy said.

The big difference with the bigger bike is that it has a clutch.

Damon said he likes the clutch and his mom said, "He just got on it and used the clutch like he's been doing it forever."

"He can't even touch the ground on it," she added "If it stalls, he puts one foot up and holds the bike and then puts it in gear and lets the clutch out easy and jumps onto the bike when it gets going.

Burbine will compete with the 65 cc bike in 2013, but said he's really looking forward to the 2012 season.

"I want to win a lot next year," he said.

"He loves it," Gilroy said. "He loves everything motocross."

Burbine attends Grade 2 in River Hebert and plays Cumberland County Minor Hockey in the novice division.

"He's very competitive in other sports," his mom said. "If he enjoys the sport he tries to excel and he loves to win."


Catching airtime is what seven-year-old Damon Burbine likes best when racing his 50 cc motocross bike. Burbine had a successful 2011 season on the motocross race circuit. SUBMITTED