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['Community Editorial Panel with Clare Christie']
['Community Editorial Panel with Clare Christie']

As I looked down on Amherst from the front lawn of ARHS, the town looked fabulous with its overstorey of beautifully leafed out trees.  

I was energized by a wonderful concert by Stephanie Miziuk and her five bands and choir from Grades 9-12. Not only was I impressed by the talented musicians, I loved the celebration of the graduates of the Senior Concert Band, the obvious affection between them and Ms. Miziuk, and the entertainment of the appearance by Captain America during the “Captain America March” and the 70s outfits of the Senior Stage Band.
Walking around town (once the curbside clean up was completed!), Amherst is lovely close up as well. The lilacs and chestnut trees in full bloom were magnificent. Many residents had beautified their properties with gay tulips and other spring flowers.
Here is a bit of what has been happening in this happening town of ours.
In May, Vicki Daley told me all the Highland Fling activities realized over $40,000. There was also Dayle’s Grand Market Block Party and the Musicians for Local Food event.
On Aug. 31 last year, at Make It Happen Day, 24 people spoke about their intentions to Make It Happen over the next year.
Holly MacDonald has put on her Children’s Voices concert, Deanne Fitzpatrick has held her Fashion Film Fest series, Joan Beswick has sprinkled poetry around town, and these columns are my contribution of Positive Writing.
Also in May, Helen Douglas held her Pet Fair. Her mother, Edie Purdy, said it was a great success with a good crowd and lots of dogs and children.
Recently Dawn Ripley’s First Annual Pride Parade was held with lots of colour, participants and supporters. The pride posters are still in downtown windows. I love that we are an inclusive community.
We’re celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary in fine style. The Cumberland Health Care Foundation put on their Canada 150 Red Carpet Gala. Gwen Kerr said that it was their biggest fundraising dinner yet: $40,000.
The YMCA held its 150 minutes of activity for youth. Walt Jones’ play, Our Four Fathers of Confederation, has been staged at both the Tantramar Seniors’ College and on Tantramar Heritage Trust’s Heritage Day.
Upcoming readings will take place at the Shinimicas Seniors’ Centre on June 18 and in Dorchester on July 1.
When this column appears, I will be in Newfoundland on the First Baptist Church bus tour, under the leadership of Brian Harrison. Relay for Life has taken place.
On June 27, I look forward to the opening of Witnesses to A New Nation, Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia’s photo exhibit of 150 buildings which saw Confederation. Leslie Childs will write more about it in next week’s Community Editorial Panel column. If you go to the opening, wish Leslie Happy Birthday.
To buy my publications, go to the Artisans’ Gallery, Amherst Centre Mall; Maritime Mosaic, Dayle’s, Victoria Street, Amherst; Flying Colours, Maccan; and Main and Station, Parrsboro. Coles carries My dear Alice.
For my six self-published books and booklets, go to the Cumberland County Museum and Archives and to the YMCA Amherst.

Clare Christie is a member of the Amherst News Community Editorial Panel. She can be reached at


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