Falmouth sinkhole an isolated, natural event: Municipality

Published on September 5, 2017

Although it was hard to see the devastation from the roadway, a sinkhole that's six to 7.5-metre deep and spans about half of the home developed sometime during the wee morning hours of Sept. 3.

©Carole Morris-Underhill

FALMOUTH, N.S. – The municipality of West Hants says a sinkhole, which caused severe damage to a home in Falmouth and caused a family to evacuate, is an isolated event.

The Municipality brought in a structural engineer and a geotechnical engineer on Sept. 3 to assess both the home and the property, according to a press release.

West Hants chief administrative officer Cathie Osborne met with the property owners to explain the findings, saying the structural integrity of the home has been completely compromised and it is unsafe to enter the building.

The residents of the house managed to escape unharmed

According to the press release the home will have to be demolished as soon as possible. 

The residents of the house managed to escape unharmed.

West Hants warden Abraham Zebian said he didn’t know when the demolition will take place, but added that the municipality will be handling the demolition.

“The house is just unsafe to go back in, there’s no salvaging it,” Zebian said. “

Zebian said a more detailed geotechnical assessment will be completed on that parcel of land, adding that a more comprehensive on of a larger area hasn’t been deemed necessary at this point. 

“As far as we’ve been told, it’s an isolated one-off,” he said. “It’s not something that will be spreading to all of the other homes, it’s just a fluke occurrence.”

“Until further studies and test are done, we can’t speculate more than that,” he said. “I ask people to refrain from speculating because for homeowners, it’s your single biggest asset, so we just don’t want to put anybody in any mental stress right now.”

The Municipality has secured the site.