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Fowl is fair at Eastern Waterfowl Classic in Nappan

NAPPAN – Waterfowl got to strut their stuff at the Eastern Waterfowl Classic at the Nappan Experimental Farm Pavilion on Saturday.

More than 200 waterfowl were judged at the inaugural event in Cumberland County.

People from throughout the Maritimes participated in the event.

“We brought 30 waterfowl,” said Roxanne Foreman, who is from Stanley, New Brunswick, just south of Fredericton.

Foreman said the organizers did well considering it was the first time they hosted a waterfowl event.

“It was a good show. It’s a nice spot.”

Foreman travels to 10 to 12 waterfowl shows each year with her husband Vance.

“There are shows in Fredericton, in PEI, throughout Nova Scotia, and some people go to Ontario.”
Saturday’s event was held in memory of Keith McAloney and Hilton Bryanton.


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