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Families gather for trucker show and shine

Bill Dowe (centre), event organizer, calls a trucker over to take part in the MADD Kart Challenge.
Bill Dowe (centre), event organizer, calls a trucker over to take part in the MADD Kart Challenge.

AMHERST, N.S. – Truckers gathered in Amherst for some family fun over the weekend and everybody was invited.

“It’s nice to see the truckers get together,” said Mike Ouellet. “With an event like this you get to meet people. It’s like a family, like a brotherhood.”

The 2nd annual Bordertown Working Truck Show and Shine was, like last year, held on Saturday and Sunday at the Canadian Tire parking lot.

High fuel prices didn’t keep the truckers away. Thirty-five working trucks took part in the show and shine, more than last year.

“We have some new entries that weren’t here last year,” said Bill Dowe, who, along with Ouellet, is the event organizer. “We have some people who came from a long distance to be here, so that speaks volumes to me.”
One truck came from Jonesport, Maine, while other came from throughout Maritimes.

There was an artisan gallery, a food truck, vendors, and live music.

Tara Day takes her daughter, Naomi Davis, for a walk. They are from Windsor, N.S.

Fuel Prices

One topic of conversation among truckers is the high fuel prices.

“With the fuel prices starting to climb, the uncertainty always keeps you on the edge because you never know one day to the next what fuel prices are going to be, so that’s certainly a concern,” said Dowe.

Dowe doesn’t see fuel prices lowering as fast as they went up.

“The fuel prices have been volatile in the last few weeks, and when they jack them up like that they come down very slowly.”

And he definitely doesn’t see the government intervening on the price of fuel.

“They collect too much tax revenue from it, so they’re not going to step in and do anything for the consumer,” said Dowe.

Springhill's Troy Dorey took the MADD Kart Challenge.

The Economy

The economy isn’t exactly booming either.

“I think everybody is feeling a slowdown in the economy right now, whether it be construction, trucking, and all trades.”

Proceeds from the show and shine go to the Special Olympics Amherst. Athletes and organizers out for the show and shine include: (from left) Organizer Bill Dowe, Laura Mooring, Vance Pyne, Maryann Clark, Robert Babineau, Elsie Pettigrew, Ryan Mootrey, Rebecca Sprague, Tim Bird, Savanna Snowdon, Kyle Dillman, John Hachey, Allison Borden, and organizer Mike Ouellet.

Tax Changes

On top of all this are the proposed changes to the tax code by the federal government.

 “Any small business person should be concerned about these proposed changes, absolutely, no matter what industry,” said Dowe. “Everybody who is a small business person has concerns around these issues.”

The show and shine is in partnership with the Maritime Ride & Pride, and all net proceeds from the show go to the Special Olympics of Amherst.

Mike Ouellet takes his turn on the MADD Kart Challenge.
A model truck on display.
A row of trucks.
The MADD Kart Challenge.
Bill Dowe calls truckers over to gather together before the MADD Cart Challenge.
A trucker makes his way back to his truck.
Event organizers Bill Dowe (left) and Mike Ouellet with Special Olympians Vance Pyne (centre, left) and John Hachey.

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