4-H’er’s reap rewards at Cumberland County Exhibition

Published on September 4, 2017

The Misfits, an all-girls tug of war team, won the tug of war championships Tuesday at the Cumberland County Exhibition in Oxford. 17-year-old Natalie Wood was at the front of the team, which is made up of 4-H girls from throughout Cumberland County. Wood is from Lake Killarney and is a member of the Linden 4-H Club. Pulling in the second position behind Wood is 17-year-old Olivia Foster, also a member of the Linden 4-H Club.

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OXFORD – The four H’s in 4-H stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health, and 4-H youth in Cumberland County gained valuable lessons in 2017 by using the four H’s in competition.

The Cumberland County 4-H Council presented the 2017 awards during the Parade of Clubs last week at the Cumberland County Exhibition.

Seven Cumberland County 4-H Clubs participated in the exhibition. They are: The Double D 4-H Club (DD), the Three Way 4-H Club (3W), the Ro-Win-Lea 4-H Club (RWL), the Sunrise 4-H Club (Sun), the Country View 4-H Club (CV), the Bay Vista Cons Mills 4-H Club (BVCM), and the Linden 4-H Club (Linden).

The 2017 award recipients are as follows:

The 2017 Jr. Host and Jr. Hostess were crowned during the Cumberland County Exhibition. The 2017 Jr. Hostess is 12-year-old Maddison Bushen (left) and the 2017 Jr. Host is 13-year-old Tanner Wilson (right) The 2016 Hostess and Host were Hope Rushton and Tanner McEachern.

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Category, name of recipient, (club)

Junior Hostess – Maddison Bushen (CV)

Junior Host – Tanner Wilson (DD)

Top Ayrshire Calf – Kiersten Moore (BVCM)

Top Jersey Calf – Alley Clattenburg (DD)

Top Dairy Calf – Alley Clattenburg (DD)

Champion Dairy Showman – Ashleigh Desjardins (DD)

Championship Jr. Goat Showman – Lauren Shears (DD)

14-year-old Jessica Carter braids Emma’s mane.

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Championship Sr. Goat Showman – Lindsay Anderson (BVCM)

Overall Champion Commercial Calf – Grace Reynolds (3W)

Champion Draft Horse Project – Beck Ripley (DD)

Top Group of Three Beef Calves – (DD)

Top Group of three Dairy Calves – (DD)

Sheep Clipping Competition – Maria Duynisveld, Lindsay Anderson (BVCM)

Goat Clipping Competition – Lauren Shears (DD), Maddison Bushen (CV)

Dairy Clipping Competition – Stephanie LeBlanc (Sun), Kiersten Moore, BVCM

Beef Clipping Competition – Nicole Booth, Beverly Booth (3W)

Champion Calf Showman – Stephanie LeBlanc (Sun)

Top Light Horse Club – Country View

Judy Schultz is congratulated by Elma Thompson after she won the Blueberry bake-off competition Saturday afternoon at the Cumberland County Exhibition.

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Top 4-H Calf Club – Double D

Top Life Skills Display – Country View

Grand Champions Livestock Showman – Allison Booth (3W)

Top Barn Display – Three Way

Champion Light Horse Western Equitation – Ashleigh Desjardins (DD)

Champion Mini Horse Project – Samantha Wood (Linden)

Champion Rabbit Showman – Owen MacLeod-Wood (Linden)

Champion Jr. Scrapbooking Item – Emma McCormack (3W)

Champion Sr. Scrapbooking – Mikayla Dixon (BVCM)

Champion Jr. Woodworking – Brandi Smith (RWL)

Leonard Allen and Kathy Maltby get into some trash talk before the blueberry bake-off competition began.

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Champion Sr. Woodworking – Alex Casey (Linden)

Champion Jr. Cake Decorating Project – Tanner McEachern (CV)

Champion Sr. Cake Decorating Project – Madiya Patriquin (DD)

Champion Great Outdoors Project – Owen MacLeod-Wood (Linden)

Champion Jr. Photography Item – Drew Rushton (Linden)

Leonard Allen and Kathy Maltby pour batter into their pans. Allen finished second in the bake-off and Maltby third.

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Champion Sr. Photography Item – Maria Duynisveld (BVCM)

Champion Vet Science Project – Tamara Snook (DD)

Champion Jr. Welding Project – Isaac Weatherbee (Linden)

13-year-old Nicole Martin washes Apollo.

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Champion Sr. Welding Project – Isaac Atkinson (DD)

Champion Tractor Project – Bill Jakob (3W)

Champion Jr. Small Engines Project – Own Macleod-Wood (Linden)

Champion Sr. Small Engines Project – Jarrett Bacon (DD)

Champion First-Aid Project – Noah Hibbert (DD)

Champion Heritage Project – Becky Ripley (DD)

Champion Sewing Item – Sarah Godfrey (3W)

13-year-old Kennedy Mills gives Diva a kiss after washing her.

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Champion Sheep Showman – Lindsay Anderson (BVCM)

Champion Dog Handling – Kierston Moore (BVCM)

Champion Dog Obedience – Bailey Dowding (DD)

Champion Bee Keeping Project – Silas Jakob (3W)

Champion Foods Project – Izaac Weatherbee (Linden)

Champion Record Book – Maria Duynisveld (BVCM)

Champion Jr. Food Preparation Competition – Owen Macleod-Wood (Linden)

Champion Sr. Food Preparation Competition – Natasha Kaiser (CV)

14-year-old Jessica Carter braids Emma’s mane.

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Champion Jr. Cake Decorating Competition – Tanner McEachern

Champion Sr. Cake Decorating Competition – Madiya Patriquin (DD)

Champion Jr. Crafts Competition – Lauren Shears (DD)

Champion Sr. Crafts Competition – Allison Booth (3W)

Champion Jr. Beef Judge – Maddox Porter (3W)

Champion Sr. Beef Judge – Alex Goodwin (3W)

Champion Jr. Crafts Judge – Kali Gaudet (Sun)

Champion Sr. Crafts Judge – Mallareigh Coffin (Sun)

15-year-old Mikayla Dixon, left, and 14-year-old Jessica Carter ride into the arena. Dixon is riding Extreme Minnie, and Carter is riding Emma.

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Champion Foods Judge – Sarah Godfrey (3W)

Champion Scrapbooking Judge – Tanner McEachern (CV)

Champion Sewing Judge – Lauren Shears (DD)

Champion Light Horse Judge – Kiersten Moore (BVCM)

Champion Photography Judge – Mallareigh Coffin (Sun)

Champion Woodworking Judge – Tanner McEachern (CV)

Champion Jr. Rabbit Judge – Joris Jakob (3W)

Champion Sr. Rabbit Judge – Allison Booth (3W)

Champion Goat Judge – Lauren Shears (DD)

Jessica Carter gives Emma a big hug and a kiss after the competition.

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Champion Sheep Judge – Danielle Wilson (BVCM)

Campion Dairy Judge – Kiersten Moore (BVCM)

Champion Jr. Crafts Item – Natasha Kaiser (CV)

Champion Sr. Foods Item – Izaac Weatherbee (Linden)

Champion Crafts Project – Natasha Kaiser (CV)

Champion Recipe Book – Tamara Snook (DD)

Champion Jr. Light Horse Showman – Adelyn Fisher, 3W

13-year-old Nicole Martin washes Apollo.

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Champion Sr. Light Horse Showman – Bradley Smith (RWL)

Champions Horse Basics – Michael Collicut (Linden)

Champion Light Horse Equitation – Sydney Moore (CV)

Champion Jr. Photography Competition – Mallareigh Coffin (Sun)

Champion Sr. Photography Competition – Alissa Anderson (BCVM)

Champion Jr. Scrapbooking Competition – Brandi Smith (RWL)

Tug of War.

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Champion Sr. Scrapbooking Competition – Lindsay Anderson (BVCM)

Champion Jr. Outdoorsman Competition – Evan Rose (Linden)

Champion Sr. Outdoorsman Competition – Evan Rose (Linden)

Champion Tractor Driving Competition – William Foster, Olivia Foster, Natalie Wood (Linden)

Champion Jr. Fashion Show – Lauren Shears (DD)

Champion Sr. Fashion Show – Sarah Godfrey (3W)


Top Angus Calf – Bailey Dowding (3W)

Top Hereford Calf – Alex Goodwin (3W)

Top Shorthorn Calf – Jarrett Bacon (DD)

Top Simmental Calf – Brian Smith (RWL)

Top Limousin Calf – Maddox Porter (3W)

Champion Beef Calf – Bailey Dowding (DD)

Tug of war.

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Champion Jr. Beef Showman – Kendra Sears (3W)

Champion Beef Showman – Bailey Dowding (DD)

Top Holstein Calf – Ava Mundle (CV)

The 4-H pledge is, ‘I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service, my Health to better living, for my club, my community and my country.”

Horse and rider make their way into the arena.

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Bradley Smith was the anchor for one of the tug of war teams.

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13-year-old Nicole Martin rides Apollo into the arena.

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4-H Club members during the Parade of Clubs.

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13-year-old Kennedy Mills washes Diva's hooves.

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Tanner McEachern during the Parade of Clubs.

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Kathy Maltby laughs at one of Leonard Allen's jokes.

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Judges testing the tasty blueberry bake-off treats are: (from left) Chris Greer, Greg Nix, and David Taylor.

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Storey’s Percherons put on a demonstration Saturday afternoon.

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Competitors make their way into the arena.

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