Amherst band releases vinyl 45

Shakedown Combo's 45 has 90s superheroes connection

Published on May 18, 2017

Set your time machine to the heydays of rock n’ roll and get ready to check out the Shakedown Combo’s (from left) Kim, Davey and Jill Goode’s latest musical release – a vinyl 45 featuring their single Rockin’ Supersonic.

Amherst – There’s a whole lot about the Shakedown Combo’s vinyl release that’s out of this world.  

Not only was the rockabilly single Rockin’ Supersonic recorded by the Goode family –Davey, Jill and Kim – right here in Amherst at their Groove Factory studio, it’s being distributed locally, comes with a digital download, and has an accompanying music video on Youtube that’s worked its way past 4,000 views.

Oh, and it’s cover was done by one of the most influential illustrators of the 1990s.

“Jim Lawson did it,” Kim said. “He’s an artist for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Marrying retro with sci-fi art, Davey said, is commonplace in the rockabilly genre and bringing in Lawson to create an album cover introduces new audiences to one another.

“In our genre, there’s this concept of having artwork like that,” Davey said. “But it’s become two or three people who do the most of it, so that was us trying to be a bit different and not go to one of those people and see what they can do with that concept. And he did a great job.”

Davey credits his daughter for the inspiration to venture into the world of vinyl. More and more music lovers are dusting off their record players and making their music collection spin again. For Davey, as a musician who looks to technology for forward progression, going back in time to vinyl proved to be an unexpected, albeit welcome, learning adventure.

“People started asking us for a 45, and I thought this is just something crazy with the genre that we’re in. Then I found out it’s real. People are buying 45s,” Davey said. “I actually think there are people out there who buy 45s who have no means to play it, but they still buy 45s.”

The musical family came face-to-face with their own in the most unique fashion imaginable. After sending the single out to be pressed, the Shakedown Combo travelled to Las Vegas in April to perform. Their merchandise arrived before the band did and started selling immediately.   

“First time I saw one of those was when someone came to me in Vegas and said ‘Can you sign this for me,’” Davey said.

The Vegas performance saw a lot of singles go home with music lovers and the band sold out of t-shirt . Now the hometown crowd is getting their hands on Rockin’ Supersonic. Available through the band’s web page, visitors can also check out the band’s accompanying video shot inside the local recording studio.