Trider’s Craft Beer sugar shack trumps cottage life

Halifax gets taste of Amherst, Cumberland Co. support

Published on March 2, 2017

Winners of the Best Booth at the 2nd annual Craft Beer Cottage Party in Halifax were Trider’s Craft Beer featuring (from left) Scott Parker, Joe Potter, Donald Colton MacAdam, and Laura Potter.


Amherst – It was unexpected when the new kids on the block claimed the Best Booth award at the Craft Beer Cottage Party in Halifax, but when they did they had plenty of Northern Nova Scotia support with them.

Trider’s Craft Beer claimed the Golden Mallard at the second annual event at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market Feb. 26, but say they were looking to raise brand awareness and network within the food and beverage industry instead of finding the win. Nonetheless, win they did and their supporters back home went a long way to help create a lot of excitement before, during and after the judges’ decision.

“There were a lot of people from Amherst there,” brew master Joe Potter said. “They came wearing their Trider’s hats. The outside communities were aware we really had strong community support.”

“When they announced ‘the Best Booth goes to Trider’s Craft Beer from Amherst,’ a crowd of people ran over to say they’re from Amherst, too,” marketing manager Scott Parker said.

Booths were challenged to deck out in their favourite cottage setting, but the team at Trider’s decided to do something a little more familiar to Cumberland County. And since they were offering a tasting of a yet-to-be announced beer they hope to launch in the not too distant future, the theme was easy to adopt.

“Scott set out to design a booth that tied in with maple beer,” Potter said.

“We did a sugar-shack style,” Parker said. “What I’ve learned out this way is there isn’t too many beautiful cottages on the lake with Muskoka chairs. There is your grandfather’s camp back in the woods. You go out there for hunting, getting sap and drinking beer.”

“Which is better,” Potter said.  

And the judges seem to have agreed.

It's a nice takeaway as the Amherst-based brewery works on their next adventure. They have been working almost around the clock in recent weeks getting ready for the launch of their beer in Nova Scotia Liquor Commission outlets around the province in April, making it easier for cottagers and camp dwellers to take along some locally made beer.

Trider’s Craft Beer is located at 46 Anson Avenue, Amherst. Online, you can find them at