Desperately seeking sculpture

Published on February 27, 2017

Harvey Lev and Judith Bauer are calling for outdoor sculptures to be installed in and around Parrsboro, and are shown here with the stones that were installed as the very first piece after first issuing the call back in 2013.

©Andrew Wagstaff - TC Media

PARRSBORO, N.S. – Harvey Lev wants your sculptures.

If you have the space, make it available, especially with something like sculptures, because making art is about making art. Judith Bauer

The owner of the Main & Station gallery space in Parrsboro is inviting artists from around the world to submit their work, but not for indoor display. These pieces will be used to decorate landscapes and streetscapes in the town, local beaches, the shoreline and hills.

The idea began back in 2013, according to Lev.

“Our first response was from an Argentinian sculptor, who made us five stones that are outside in the front,” he explained. “Next was Jeremy, our friend and artist from Montreal… he took some pieces of industrial rubble from a property I have in Montreal and built that thing in the corner of the property.”

After that, local artist Doris Soley reached an agreement with the town to display a collection of her metal sculptures around the town. One of the pieces, however, a tribute to jilted wife Lorena Bobbit, was deemed too risqué for that exhibit and instead found a home in front of Main & Station.

While the call for sculptures has remained open since then, Lev and his partner Judith Bauer became involved with other projects and did not promote it as much.

“It kind of petered off a bit,” he said. “I kept meaning to encourage people, but somehow just got busy with lots of other things.”

In spite of that, a handful of artists have continued submitting their work, including Boston-area sculptor T.J. Sadowski, who installed his metal-and-chain piece, “I Zigged When I Should Have Zagged” next to Main & Station last year.

But interest has really picked up in recent days, since Lev reissued the call for sculptures, and he has been fielding several inquiries per day.

A trip last year by the couple to sculpture farms in New York was inspirational for Bauer.

“If you have the space, make it available, especially with something like sculptures, because making art is about making art,” she said. “They need to get it out here so they have spaces to keep making it.”

The call is open to any and all sculptors, with the only guidelines being that the pieces are suitable for outdoor display, are stable and freestanding. Submissions can be sent by mail or email. For more information, see or contact Harvey Lev at 514-717-4823.