Students cast ballots for their candidates

Vote by elementary students had different result than Amherst voters

Published on October 17, 2016
Makayla LeBlanc casts a ballot during the Student Vote municipal election at Spring Street Academy on Friday. Two Amherst elementary schools participated in the election.
Darrell Cole -

AMHERST – While he wasn’t elected as mayor of Amherst, George Baker had the support of elementary students in the town.

The results of the 2016 Student Vote Canada municipal election were released late Saturday with George Baker earning the most votes among the six mayoral candidates.

Grade 4 to 6 students at Spring Street Academy and West Highlands Elementary elected the longtime town councilor over Dr. David Kogon, who won the real election on Saturday.

Baker earned 54 votes to 52 for Kogon while Robert Bird was third with 28 votes, Wayne Bishop fourth at 19 votes, Brian Skabar fifth at 17 and Dale Fawthrop sixth with three.

Kogon had more votes than Baker at Spring Street Academy, where he earned 40 of his 52 votes, while Baker had 29 votes there compared to 25 at West Highlands.

On the council side, the two schools elected Jason Blanch with 106 votes, Mike Clark (91 votes), Bev Cooke (82 votes), Lisa Emery (76 votes), Terry Rhindress (78 votes) and Dwayne Ripley (75 votes).

In the Municipality of Cumberland, Paul Porter edged Dave March in District 1, John Kellgrew defeated Marlon Chase in District 2, Kathy Redmond defeated Allison Gillis in District 4 and Mike McLellan defeated Dara Legere in District 9.

No school in District 3 participated.

Participating schools included Pugwash District High, River Hebert District School and Laureijs Home School.