Sisters reunite after 36 years apart

Christopher Gooding
Published on September 4, 2014
After thirty-six years apart (from left) sisters Lynda Stevens and Cindy Wieve reunited, with fun at the beach in mind despite the rain. Joining Wieve on the reunion trip was her daughter Tara-Lee Ceasor.
Christopher Gooding photo

PORT HOWE – With the skies darkened and the pitter-patter of heavy rain rolling through the region, laughter could be heard over the surf at Heather’s Beach on Wednesday. This is how sister’s play.

There was absolutely nothing about the weather that was going to stop sisters Lynda Stevens and Cindy Wieve from gong to the beach on Wednesday. The morning forecast was well-known – heavy rain – but that was not going to stop them.

Not after 36 years of waiting to see each other again.

“We’re from Vancouver originally, but thirty-six years ago I moved to Nova Scotia with my husband,” Stevens said. “I kind of knew where [Wieve] was, but we had lost contact.”

Like her sister, Wieve did some moving herself, eventually landing in Ontario. Neither had each other’s phone number or mailing address, so in time they two became disconnected until recently. In a day and age where social media is largely credited with reconnecting families, Wieve and Stevens can boast they did it the old fashion way: by talking to family members.

“My other sister in Calgary knew where Cindy was, and so I called her,” Stevens said.

It would be another ten years, however, before they would reunite and when they did, it was like time had stood still during their absence.

Stevens now lives in Collingwood and Wieve lives in Cornwall, Ont. For two sisters who grew up in Vancouver facing the Pacific Ocean, it was fitting part of their reunion would be to swim and play in the Atlantic Ocean.

“It brings back childhood memories,” Stevens said.

Wieve’s visit will last until Sunday, but she is already making plans for her next visit. Until then, she and Stevens are making the most of their time together.

“It’s been amazing. The memories and reconnecting,” Wieve said. “I missed her. You don’t realize how much I missed you.”