Gearing up for a new school year

Senior year comes with mixed emotions

Darrell Cole
Published on September 3, 2014

Gina Grattan and Jordan Hunter are looking forward to returning to ARHS for another school year. They are members of the Class of 2015 and are looking to make the most of their final year of high school. Schools across Cumberland County opened Thursday.

Darrell Cole -

The new school year across Nova Scotia begins on Thursday with more than 20,000 students attending classes at 73 schools in the CCRSB.

AMHERST – Throughout their school years, Gina Grattan and Jordan Hunter have been dreaming about their final year of high school. But with it comes mixed emotions of past memories and excitement about what’s to come.

“I’m so excited, not necessarily to graduate but because of all the things that happen right away, like grad pictures and other grad activities,” the 17-year-old Grattan said as she prepares to enter Grade 12 at Amherst Regional High School. “It’s hard to believe it’s here already. I’m going to make the most of it.”

Grattan and Hunter are just two of more than 20,000 students heading back to classes at 73 schools across the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board. All schools, with the exception of the recently completed New Glasgow Academy, open today.

Grattan said she was looking at scholarship possibilities over the summer and still leaning toward a career in psychology, while Hunter said he wants to make the most of his final year in high school and choose what’s best for him.

“I want to choose what’s best for me and what I enjoy the most. I try not to think about the money angle. I think if I pick something I like I will enjoy my life,” Hunter said.

Hunter admitted he’s excited about entering his senior year, but said he’s a little sad knowing it’s his last year at ARHS where he has made so many friends and been taught by amazing teachers.

“It’s been a great learning environment with great people all around me,” Hunter said. “It’s still something that’s hard to get through my head that this is it. From Grade 6 it just flew by.”

Grattan remembers the first time she entered the school as a Grade 9 student fresh from E.B. Chandler.

“We were all clumped together in the atrium. We were all so afraid because here we were in this big school,” she said. “It took a few days to adjust but we got used to it.”

The best advice both could give new students entering ARHS is to get involved.

“The Number 1 thing is to participate in school activities,” she said. “This school is so much better when you participate in spirit days, sports and committees. You make so many new friends and feel so confident about yourself.”

Hunter said new students need to be confident about themselves and be willing to make new friends. He said it’s important to do the things you want to do and to never doubt your abilities.

They said the best way to avoid the pressure that goes along with their senior year is to do something fun at the of every school day.

“Go to a movie, go watch a hockey game or do something you enjoy,” said Hunter, who is thinking of being a paramedic and a career in sports management.

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