Tantramar Radio rebuilding location

New office will have multipurpose room, exhibits

Published on August 8, 2014

A recent open house at the future home of Tantramar Radio became an extended opportunity for members of the public to sign wall studs and have their names and messages added to the building. The radio station is hoping to be in its new location by the end of the month. 

Christopher Gooding – Amherst News

Christopher Gooding photo

AMHERST – What once was old is becoming new again in the world of community radio.

Tantramar FM Community Radio, call sign CFTA, is in the process of moving from its Acadia Street station to a new home of its very own at the corner of Church and Albion. Once the home of Dairy Queen and, later, the Old Germany Restaurant, CFTA is in the process of refurbishing the building and reusing many of the building’s original materials while expanding the upstairs. The decision to own instead of continue renting, board member and on-air personality Lisa “Foxtrot” Emery said, was economical.

“We were renting and decided it was better to have our own place,” Emery said. “As luck would have it, this space had come available.”

“It’s a considerable investment but it made a lot of sense to have a mortgage rather than rent,” board member Carl Humphrey said. “This location was offered to us by the same owner of the office we were renting from.

If everything goes according to plan, the radio station could be moved in by the end of August, Humphrey said. Until then, there’s work to be done and many are becoming part of the process.

“People have been coming in and signing the boards,” Emery said. “When they’re finally walled over, their names will be part of the radio station forever.”

Organizers have been repurposing many of the buildings materials during the build, but there are a lot of new elements being added, too, including a multipurpose room that will be part of the upstairs.

“There was always an upstairs apartment but not a lot of people realized it because it was to the back of the building, so we’ve brought the upstairs forward for a multipurpose room that can work as a sound room or hold exhibits,” Emery said.

CFTA can be found at107.9 on the FM dial.