Amherst Rockabilly Shakedown rocks

Published on August 3, 2014

AMHERST - Amherst residents got their shake on, as the third Amherst Rockabilly Shakedown got underway. 

All day Saturday there was a free and all ages stage set up.

Most of Victoria Street was shut down for festivities and for merchandise venues.

While the all ages day-show was going on the downtown was filled with listeners of all ages, as people and entertainers gathered round to take in the music.

“It’s the best one so far,” said Hugh Maloney.

He has attended all of the Rockabilly Shakedown’s in Amherst.

“My favorite part is the music, entertainment and the people. I liked the band that was just on, (Carey Beck), the most so far.”

Maloney said he will be back next year to take it all in again.

Carol Fahey of Feel the Groove T-shirts was at the Shakedown fest, while her husband was out covering Sappyfest in Sackville N.B.

Fahey and her husband sell a variety of tie-dyed clothing, from t-shirts, shoes and underwear. “We do lots of musical events.”

Fahey does all the dying herself.

“Preparation is very labor intensive, it takes many hours of work. We use high quality dyes and I wash everything 3 times.”

Fahey and her husband got the idea to start their business while in Vancouver a few years ago. Their kids bought her husband a tie dyed t-shirt, and they decided to bring the idea to the east coast.

Pam Wheaton owner and operator of the Heartbreak boutique was there for her third year of the Rockabilly Shakedown.

“It’s been great. I’m excited to see Lee Rocker tonight.”

Wheaton said she travels to all sorts of music venues to sell