Court News

Published on August 25, 2014
Court News

Keddy guilty of stealing wine

Devan Andrew Keddy, 23, of Springhill, was sentenced to a 60-day conditional sentence, with conditions, after pleading guilty to stealing a bottle of Great White Wine from the Springhill Nova Scotia Liquor Commission.

The incident occurred January 14, in Springhill.


Wheaton sentenced to jail time

Joel Daniel Wheaton, 32, of Amherst, was sentenced to a total of 58 days in custody.

Wheaton had plead guilty to breaching a recognizance to undergo house arrest on June 27, resulting in a sentence of 30 days custody, minus 12 days credit, and a fine of $1.30.

Wheaton had also plead guilty to breaching house arrest on July 20, in Amherst, and a no contact order. Wheaton was sentenced to 30 days for each count, minus 10 days credit, for an additional 40 days total custody, consecutive to the aforementioned 18 days custody.


Casey sent to jail for assault

Kesha Melissa Anna Casey, 23, of Springhill, was sentenced to a total of 52 days custody, after pleading guilty to committing an assault causing bodily harm.

Casey was handed a 90 day sentence, but received nineteen days credit for time served at a rate of two days for each day served, reducing her sentence by a total of 38 days credit.

Casey was also sentenced to one-year probation with reporting and conditions following her release.

The incident occurred July 27, in Sp