Too ‘kool’ not to help out

Kool Aid Kids raise $2,000 for Maggie’s Place

Christopher Gooding
Published on August 21, 2014
Maggie’s Place councilor and navigator Sarah Rushton accepted a donation of $2,000 from the Amherst Shore Kool Aid Kids’ president Cassidy Bradley on Thursday. The club aimed at youth visiting area cottages spent just a few weeks fundraising for the significant contribution, which Rushton says will towards the family resource centre’s many programs.
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AMHERST – Some pretty cool kids from cottage country are doing their part to help others while having fun this summer.

The Amherst Shore’s youth group known as the Kool Aid Kids personally delivered a $2,000 donation to Maggie’s Place on Thursday, after just a few short weeks of fundraising.

“Our first meeting was the second week of July,” club president Cassidy Bradley said. “Everyone in cottage country is familiar with the Kool Aid Kids and are very supportive.”

And rightly so. The Kool Aid Kids have been a summer staple of the Amherst Shore area since 1967 and a second generation of youth who sometimes will only meet during the summer when family visit their cottages along the Amherst Shore. Former members are now proud parents of new members, and others are entering the adventure alongside their children.

“I married into the Kool Aid Kids,” Kool Aid Kid adult supervisor – aka Kool Aid Queen – Laura Swift Christie said.

“I’m a former Kool Aid Kid,” Christie’s co-supervisor Michelle Stewart said.

The youth organize themselves into a formal committee, Christie said, with a president, treasurer, secretary and vice president, as well as vice members and junior members. To be as inclusive to possible to all the youth visiting the Amherst Shore, membership can begin at any age parents are comfortable with.

“Our youngest members is six-months old,” Christie said.

Active members met every Tuesday this summer, holding auctions on hand painted Adirondack chairs, conducting bottle drives and selling, of course, Kool Aid at family parties and events to raise money, which they dedicate every summer towards organizations that help kids.

And Maggie’s Place was just one of this year’s recipients.

“We raised $3,866 this summer,” Stewart said. “So $2,000 of it is going towards Maggie’s Place and we’re making another donation of $1,000 to the IWK. It’s really kids helping kids and this was a banner year for us.”



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